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The Peacock Society after

Publié le 26 juillet 2014 par Jhblog

A special recap on Peacock Society for the festival lovers out there.

Volume up and feel the Peacock vibes with Richie Hawtin


The Peacock Society after
These pictures are especially for those that either (very successfully -.-) managed to miss out on the party this July or for the lucky few that want to relive the experience (ooouu yeaah!). Thanks to Martin Gustafsson I can show you a tempting series of pictures that pretty successfully embrace the ambiance of the party.

It’s a Love it or hate it thing.  If laid-back meets chill electro music in an open air festival is your thing, then make sure you book 11th to 14th of July next year.

The Peacock Society after
The Peacock Society after

The Peacock Society after
For some additional trés inspirational pics, I really recommend you to check out the Tumblr of Peacock Society too.

The Peacock Society after
Straight from the Parc Floral in Paris, a pretty cool, fun and great food paradise arises. Overall an over the top experience with (surprisingly!) dazzling performances of Jaar and Harrington who are still able to play the “unexpected” card for the public.

The Peacock Society after

Feeling that you missed out on a great time? Not to worry, the festival season is just warming up!

Safety tipp: Don’t rely on  the weather forecast and be ready for all conditions. ENJOY

The Peacock Society after

Pictures by: Martin Gustafsson
Written by: Barbara Csányi

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