My Review of GTA Painters in Toronto

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There are more than a handful of Toronto house painters and I've tried more than a few, but there's no question that GTA Painters is the best I've come across. It's not just because their prices are reasonable - it is - but also because the company provided me with quality service.

My Experience

One of the things that sets GTA Painters apart is they don't just paint but fix problems too; the first thing their painter did was check the drywalls for problems and proceeded to remedy it. The process was quick and as the guy pointed out, it's necessary to ensure the paint lasts longer. I was also impressed with the way GTA Painters worked like my project manager, with prompt service, and they were very flexible too, something I really appreciate since I'm quite busy.

My Review of GTA Painters in Toronto
Quality Paint Job

But besides the friendly painters, what really sold me was the paint job they did. My house was in bad shape and the paint had cracked and peeled in several places, but the GTA painter turned it around quickly and now it looks brand new. I've always considered house painting to be an investment, something you need to pay good money for to get results, but GTA proved this wasn't the case at all.

But if you check the company's credentials I really shouldn't have been surprised at the results. They're professionals and have established a reputation for quality and trust. GTA also gave me a warranty for the paint job so my mind is at ease. Simply put, I won't hesitate to recommend them to any Toronto homeowner who needs an exterior or interior house paint.

Finally, GTA Painters has full insurance and provide no obligation cost estimates and flexible scheduling, plus their painter even gave me tips to make sure the new coating doesn't peel off, so what's not to like?

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