They Call Themselves the “Best Toronto Licensed Electrician”. Are These Guys a Reliable Electrical Company?

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Transfer Electric is a Toronto electrical company based out of downtown Toronto. They claim that they are the "Best licensed electrician in Toronto". Their website is, and they service Toronto as well as Mississauga.

I hired them to do a small panel change. First of all I liked the fact that the owner himself arrived to do the job, and he came on time and was very professional and friendly.

The owner was very knowledgeable and gave me a good quote for the job. The reason he gave me a good quote was because he was doing the job himself, hence there are no overhead costs.

He did the job quickly and efficiently, and didn't ask for payment until the job was finished and everything was working properly. Basically he has been the business for many years. He's an old school Portuguese guy who gives you bullshit and has a strong sense of ethics and self respect.

Overall an excellent experience, and I want to test him on a bigger job for sure.

Would I recommend them? Hell yes.

They Call Themselves the “Best Toronto Licensed Electrician”.  Are These Guys a Reliable Electrical Company?
How to Hire an Electrician

I asked the owner for a few tips for customers who want to hire an electrician but don't know how to go about it. Here's what he had to say about it-

  • Ask to see their ESA license. You can't work as an electrician in Ontario unless you're licensed. Do not hire shady door to door electricians who don't have licenses.
  • Make sure they're insured. If something goes wrong, their insurance will pay for it. Otherwise you be stuck with the bill.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies. Usually the best companies are somewhere in the middle. If they quote a price that's too cheap that usually means they are inexperienced or don't have many jobs(because their skill is low). If they quote too high you may just be paying for a brand name.
  • Talk to the owner and meet in person before committing to a job. You want to feel out their vibe and get a sense of how strong their integrity and honesty is.
  • Get a feel for what kind of jobs they specialize in. You don't to hire a potlight expert to do a panel change. Most electricians will usually take on all kind of jobs, but the best way to get an awesome deal for great work is to find an electrician who has a specialty and focuses in on that.

If you follow those tips you'll usually do well and end up hiring an electrician who's solid and can do a good job.

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