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Publié le 19 septembre 2015 par Christianpoulot @lemodalogue

Just found deep in my hard drives these old videos from 1995-1998 of Walter Van Beirendonck now-defunct brand W&LT (Wild and Lethal Trash).

Walter Van Beirendonck was one of the first fashion brand to have a website and CD-ROMs (what?). Back in the days, in a world where DSL or fiber optics mean nothing to the rest of us, the native dimension of these videos is ridiculous today. 320 x 240 pixels imagine that !

The videos are a compilation of fashion shows and a quick view of Walter Van Beirendonck's unconventional world. Bold patterns and graphics, sex and fetish, creating neo-ethnic tribes and rituals on scene, aware of nature and loaded with a certain sens of humour. Till is debut in the middle of the 80′(he is a member of " The Antwerp Six "), the today head of fashion department of Royal Academy Antwerp through his collections has always questioning the concept of Beauty.

You will see transgender cyber punks raving on the catwalks, wearing fluorescent latex garments, ear vintage techno music and discover Puk Puk the virtual pet from planet Dork.

Sorry for the upscaling and the poor quality of the videos...

genretransgendertransgenrew&ltWalter Van Beirendock

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Archives | Walter Van Beirendonck & W<
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