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FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

Publié le 22 février 2016 par Koni

How was your weekend?

Now Thailand has a long weekend with three days off, so we visited Pattaya

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

My image about Pattaya is changing a lot these days.

Before I thought it's just a city for parties and bars, but now I discovered that there are lots of nice hotels and restaurants to visit.

We can eat foods at luxury hotels here with 50% discount (this detail is coming soon).

and also we can chill at beautiful beaches all day...♥️

The best is it takes only two hours by car from Bangkok.

It's the perfect weekend escape.

For the 1st night's dinner, we went to FLARE at Hilton Pattaya.

It's a Thai cuisine restaurant.

If you visit Pattaya for sightseeing, I recommend here to enjoy traditional Thai food.

Of course, it was 50% discount for all food.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

After a long corridor, you will find a luxury and a bit mysterious restaurant.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

The inside is very dark and because of this you can't see the sea very well. For the best view, you can go downstairs to the buffet and look over the ocean.

But the atmosphere makes you feel like a VIP.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

First of all we got the appetizer for free.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

It's pineapple with beef on top.

It sound like a weird combination but actually they match each other so well.

I love this kind of tropical taste which I can only experience in Thailand, because there is nothing like this in Japan.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

Gai Satay (THB 350++ → THB 175++)

Their way to present the dish is very beautiful and piquant.

The chicken is barbecued well and very soft.

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

Kai Phad Med Ma Muang (Saute chicken cube with trio capsicum, cashew nuts and sweet chilli sauce)

THB 450++ → THB 225++

The chicken is marinated with sweet chilli sauce and big cut. So juicy and tasty.

The other veges are cut into some small pieces. They tasted really fresh and weren't overcooked like many other stir fry restaurants.

The staff often gave us fresh towels and checked our table, so the service felt really personal.

Their service mind is excellent =)

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya

Even you don't have any plan to eat at Hilton Pattaya, I really recommend to visit here.

Because the view from the hotel especially from the lounge is awesome!!!!!!!

It makes you feel totally refreshed and is such a great escape from the noisy area around Central Festival Pattaya.

Thank you

FLARE @ Hilton Pattaya





















FLARE : Hilton Pattaya Hotel

Address: 333/101 Moo 9, Nong Prue, Banglamung, Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand 20260

TEL: 038 253 000

Opening time: 6pm - 10:30pm

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