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MODE : Anna Nooshin’s first Hunkemöller collection

Publié le 20 août 2016 par Misteremma @misteremma

Hunkemöller is not only claiming to be a social brand, but proves its credibility with its first social influencer collection ever. The Dutch lingerie specialist is teaming up for this very special collection with gorgeous top blogger, vlogger, TV host and author Anna Nooshin who is based in Amsterdam.

The collection perfectly represents the spirit of Anna Nooshin's fashion sense and is inspired by her bustling, yet venturous lifestyle. Anna is not only the face of the collection, but she influenced the handwriting of the collection with her exquisite taste and her personal interpretation of beauty and strength.

I believe that being a woman is all about contrasts, inner and outer beauty and feeling inspired by the world around you. My goal for this collection is to make you feel sexy and powerful, focusing on pretty details, delicate laces and the best materials we could get our hands on. I want all women to feel as though nothing can stop you from chasing after your dreams.

The collection offers different bodies in delicate lace, seductive lingerie sets with playful straps and a sophisticated nightwear set, with a top, kimono and pants almost too nice and lovely to wear it only at home.

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