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Alison TEAL, l’art de l’engagement par le divertissement

Publié le 03 novembre 2016 par Nicomak @Myriam_Nicomak
Alison’s Adventures Maldives “One man’s trash is another woman’s bikini” While shooting Discover Channel’s #1 show Naked and Afraid in the Maldives, I was overwhelmingly shocked by the amount of plastic trash covering the uninhabited, picturesque island. This was only one island - I couldn’t bear to imagine what the other 1,200 islands looked like, covered in trash. To leave the island we actually made a raft out of bottles. As we paddled to our rescue boat, I swore I would come back and do something about the plastic pollution.  After returning from “everest of survival challenges” living with NOTHING for 21 days, I devoured a chocolate bar, took a much needed shower and my first thought was: How can I help transform plastic waste around the world into usable items? The scariest thought was that only a portion of the plastic trash was coming from the inhabited islands, it was also coming to the island chain from other countries brought by the ocean currents. Over a year later I retuned to the Maldives, hosted by Shaahina Ali and accompanied by photographers/videographers Sarah Lee and Mark Tipple. Together we set off on a wild adventure back to “my island” wearing all clothing made from recycled plastic bottles from a company called Repreve that transforms plastic into usable thread for world renowned brands like Patagonia, Odina, Teeki, Volcom, and Roxy - and of course my surfboards are Sustainable Surf approved Eco Board made from recycled styrofoam and sunglasses from Zeal Optics.  An international icon of natural beauty, my experience in the Maldives presents an opportunity to tell a crucial story about plastic waste and recycling that fits into my “Surf Survive Sustain” mission, of living a non-invasive existence as environmentally responsible as possible. While there, I collected trash in an effort save the highly threatened biosphere (insert manta photo) and then retuned to my Naked and Afraid island to do a beach clean up with

Alison’s Adventures Maldives
“ »One man’s trash is another woman’s bikini »”

J’ai assisté cette année au Word Forum de la Rochelle. J’y ai découvert une certaine Alison TEAL (sur ce coup là j’avoue être en retard dans la blogosphère puisqu’elle a plus de 24 000 followers sur twitter) qui a su amener sa joie et sa passion dans un amphithéâtre bondé de participants curieux des nouvelles pratiques et idées innovantes pour sauver le monde.

Cette donc l’histoire d’une jeune fille qui se ballade à travers la monde (avec sa planche de surf faite à base de matériaux recyclés), pour sensibiliser sur l’impact désastreux du plastique et autres déchets industriels !

C’est mon coup de cœur du forum 2016 ! Alison est particulièrement active aux Maldives dont vous pouvez voir à la 15ème minute de la vidéo une décharge à ciel ouvert

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