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Exceptional offer by XTreme Video – Eight Films from 0.99£

Publié le 04 novembre 2016 par Label Park @LabelparkFR
XTreme Video and Label-Park propose to you an exceptional offer with a wide selection a film from 0.99£! So get comfortable and you will spend hours watching your favorite surf, bodyboarding, wingsuit and mountaineering film. Eight films which you must see that we will present to you below. Promotion ends on November 20th 2016. Let's be Frank (2016):

Frank Solomon made a lot of noises in the small surf world with " Let's be Frank ". It is a lot more than a simple surf film. Indeed, in this " documentary " (it's more a " jokumentary ") Frank makes you discover his double life. A film between fiction and reality shot on three continents, in the Hawaiian North, Shore of Oahu, Ireland and South Africa. A thrilling journey that raises many questions. Frank, the new surf film Tarantino ? Let's find out the answer by downloading this epic film. " Let's Be Frank " from 4.49£, available on Vimeo on Demand, Reel House, Amazon Video, The surf Network, Google Play and Itunes.

Check out the mythical film of the three times world champ, Mick Fanning, for less than one pound. The world known director, Taylor Steele, decided to kidnap Mick Fanning to take him out of his competition routine. Embark with them and go on an epic adventure in Africa, Ireland, Spain and Central America surfing world class waves and discovering new cultures. The duo will be joined in during their travels by some of the best surfers in the world, John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson and Tom Curren.

Enjoy 37 minutes of pure joy just here for only 0,99£.

Looking for the true adventure ? Then this is the movie you need to see. Two friends from Norway had the crazy idea to spend nine months during winter alone on a deserted island in the North Atlantic at the confines of Norway. Inge Regge and Jorn Ranum established their campment on a wild bay washed by world class waves. Switching between surf sessions in a freezing water, snowboarding on snowy slopes jumping right into the ocean and an incessant search of sunlights to win a few degrees, the two friends found what they came for: the true adventure.

An inspirational film to discover here for only 0,99£.

This is much more than a simple surf movie. This is a real life lesson. A moving and inspiring documentary that tells the fight of Barney Miller, who is tetraplegic after an car accident, to continue surfing despite heavy obstacles on his way. It's also a love story with his wife, Kate, and friendship, with the Australian triple world champion, Mick Fanning, who both accompany him throughout his fight.

You and Me for only 0,99£ on Itunes.

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 (2013):

The ultimate mountaineering movie, at the conquest of the Everest. Two generations of Americans climbers follow the same road to the top, five decades apart. Best-seller author and Everest veteran, Jon Krakauer, tells the first ascent to the top of the world by the 1963 US team and the new one made 50 years later by a second American team. This film shows the struggle of passionate and committed climbers against nature to climb the highest peak in the world. A powerful and inspiring movie to discover on Itunes for only 0,99£.

Narrated by David Denham (The Extraordinary Adventures of Bill, 300, The Lord of the Rings), " Holding On " tells the story of 6 friends from Cronulla (Australia), who were brought together in the late 1980's by a new sport still unpopular at the time: Bodyboarding. Nicknamed as the " Skid Kids " they gradually gained worldwide attention for their audacity and talent to surf waves that surfers thought they were impossible to surf. Precursors of the modern bodyboard, this documentary / film focuses on this group of friends that have revolutionized the image of Bodyboarding worldwide.

A must see at only 0,99£ on Itunes.

Flying Dagger (2015):

This epic film tells the incredible story of Jeb Corliss, one of the most famous wingsuit pilot. In 2012 Jeb had a terrible wingsuit accident at Table Mountain in South Africa. He miraculously survives and after a long recovery he launches himself a new challenge even crazier. Fly through a narrow canyon in Jianglang Mountains in China. Discover unseen footage of his accident and his new challenge. To find out if he succeed download it on Itunes or only 0,99£.

Wingmen (2015):

Three of the most recognized and famous base jumpers and wingsuit pilots in the world, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludovic Woerth take you on their epic adventures around the world in search of the perfect spot. From Rio to Chamonix through the Chinese mountains, the three friends push the limits of their sports to end with the ultimate jump in Dubai. The three athletes also talk about the risks, rewards and emotions that their sports provide. A film always available at the same price of € 0.99 on Itunes.

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