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How to install automatically apache, php, mysql, memcache, pure-ftpd, etc. on Debian 8

Publié le 20 novembre 2016 par Christophe_casalegno

Hi all, today I'll give you a simple way to do a very fast installation of apache + php + mysql + memcached (with stored memcached php sessions), git, nodejs, webmin grunt and other interesting things with an only one command line.

It is a really simple script, so you can modify it if you need to add others software. Today the script do different things like :

  • Install vim, iotop, mc, apache2, rsync, duplicity...
  • Install php5 (curl, apcu, gd, intl, imagick, imap, mcrypt, memcache, pspell, recode, sqlite, tidy, xmlrpc, xsl, soap, calendar)
  • Install Mysql-server, Mysql-client and phpmyadmin
  • Install munin, postfix, git, pure-ftpd, Imagemagick and curl
  • Install Composer, NodeJs, Grunt, Drupal Console, Drush and webmin
  • Activate userdir, rewrite, expires, deflate, headers and ssl
  • Configure pure-ftpd to use unix users and chroot them
  • Create a first virtualhost (on the hostname address) with a phpinfo and a phptest
  • Install a pre-optimized mysql configuration
  • Install and configure loadcheck, memorycheck & diskcheck
  • Change ssh port from 22 to 65022 or other you want
  • Change webmin port from 10000 to 65000 or other you want
  • Configure php for using memcached for session storage
  • Setup root, mysql & user password and sent you them by email

Don't forget to replace the email address & ssh keys by yours and configure what you want and launch the script. That all !
Stop to talk, now you just want to install your server ? Just download and launch the script (need root) :

modifiy to put your email address, etc.
chmod +x

That's all. Really ? yes, now you can test installation with :
http://yourserver/phpinfo.php (for http)
https://yourserver:65000 (for webmin)
http://yourserver/munin (for munin)

Have fun !

Christophe Casalegno

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