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ENG 121: Academic Writing (Anna Crerand): Argumentative Essay

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Argument Essay Assignment- Revised from LearningStudio assignment

You will definitely begin the rough draft of the last essay this week. In the LearningStudio Module, it really is called the Argumentative Essay. But be warned, it is in reality among the many argumentative-style essays you have written. Any time you try to persuade someone, you are doing argumentative writing - and also you've been doing that here for a time.

I am going to admit I am not fond of the direction or lack thereof that you are given for writing this essay in this module. But I also desire to stress that you do want to read all assigned pages within the book plus the module that is online my feelings towards this assignment. What I am going to do, however, is add information only at our LibGu > i shall be talking about your Argumentative Essay because the " Proposing an answer Essay. "

The goal of the "Proposing an answer" essay is to persuade, but it is an unique types of argumentative essay. It involves identifying a problem, discussing several possible solutions to it, and arguing this 1 solution is better than others. There are many possible topics because of this essay, and you may have freedom that is considerable selecting your personal topic; however, there are a few topics you MAY NOT write on: euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment, gun control, parking, legalization of pot or any other illegal drugs, steroids, and changing regarding the voting age. If you would like, your topic can be associated with any of your other topics, but it will not necessarily have to be the very same topic you wrote about. Y

· Identifying the problem. Early in your essay, you will have to identify the nagging problem in mind. This will require describing, defining and/or limiting the nagging problem for background support. For example, if starvation is the problem, you may want to give attention to famine in developing countries, on hunger into the U.S., or perhaps even more narrowly, on malnourishment among U.S. children. In this an element of the essay, it would likely additionally be essential to establish the situation, to really argue that it exists and therefore it is an issue. Some readers, as an example, might not believe that technology is expanding very rapidly or, if they do, maybe they don't contemplate it a problem. So before discussing solutions, you may need to argue that the nagging problem is both real and worthy of your attention.

· Discussing possible solutions. After the problem happens to be identified, you will definitely turn to a discussion of possible solutions to the issue. You need to discuss at the least three alternative solutions, and each should be plausible (believable) and feasible (workable). Far-fetched or oversimplified solutions are of no use in this essay. Proposing that individuals solve the problem of bad food within the SLU commons by hiring the best possible chefs in France to cook for all of us is far-fetched as it's not economically possible and so not believable. Similarly, suggesting that execution function as the penalty for several overdue books at the library is simply too simple given our value that is current system not workable. On the other hand, suggesting that the commons implement a quality survey to boost the cafeteria food or that students with overdue fines at the library cannot receive their grades until those fines are paid could be types of plausible, feasible solutions. (My note: i prefer the food in the cafeteria so maybe that topic is off limits.)

· Arguing that one solution is better than others. Your discussion of possible solutions will consist of examining the good qualities and cons of every and, because of the end of this essay, it must be clear that certain solution is much better than all of the others. Such as the career paper, it is vital which you not merely assert your own arguments, but additionally present and react to counterarguments. After you have asserted that this 1 solution is the most effective, the bulk of your paper will soon be reasons that are including it's the best, again incorporating research into this section as much as possible.

· Including Counterarguments. because of the fact that every the solutions you discuss within the essay is likely to be plausible and feasible, it really is unlikely that you'll be able to utterly and entirely refute all of them. In fact, you are lured to claim that all of the solutions should once be used at. Do not try this. In order to pass this essay, your thesis must state that, and even though all of the solutions may be helpful, one option would be far better as compared to others. However, this raises the relevant question of what constitutes "better"? There are a number of criteria. Perhaps one solution would solve the problem more thoroughly, more quickly, less expensively, or with less risk. But don't bother about these types of criteria right now; they'll develop as we continue the writing process.

Details: The essay should be approximately 500 words. Please write on something you realize about firsthand (meaning nothing which has had to be researched by either you or me to be understood). Topics should originate from your daily life and might be associated with your task, family, or situations that are social. Some off-the-top-of-my-head examples are how to get kids to complete chores, just how to lower the speed of cars during your neighborhood, getting children to nap, etc. Again, adhere to topics you know. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR JUST ABOUT ANY REASON. Please also use MLA format, as your grade depends on it. You really must have a 25% or lower similarity score as always; or even, you will be turned in as a violation of this Honor Code of Saint Leo University for plagiarism. Please ask me for help when you yourself have questions.

Please make reference to this LibGuide for information about Counterarguments in addition to a student sample (or two) of the Proposing an answer essay. I realize that some of the restricted topics may actually be topics that are possible when you look at the module. However, please let my restricted topics take precedent, for a reason as I do restrict them. During office hours if you would like me to look over topics, I would be more than happy to do so, so feel free to send an email or meet me. And don't forget to make use of the suggestions i have already been giving as comments on your own other graded essays. Best of luck this week. Knock this essay out of the park!

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