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LMP 37 : Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (Seattle 1975)

Publié le 17 juillet 2008 par Nico²

Voici une nouvelle source mise à disposition du public pour ce concert marathon de 1975. Je vous propose d’écouter ce chef d’oeuvre qui résume tout Led Zep en 6 minutes : The Song Remains The Same.

Bonne journée, enjoy the Zep !

Download audio file (b53eb11c4726a975fe826a78c00e07afde9efa2aeaf9a8274d1979d480d2c2a2)


Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: Friday, March 21, 1975
Location: Seattle, Washington
Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum
Sources: Audience - 2 source mix
Source 1 Lineage: Stan Gutoski’s master reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > Bill
Bratton’s 1st gen reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > wav (24/96)
Source 1 Taped By: Stan Gutoski in association with JEMS
Source 1 Transferred By: weedwacker (Andy R.)

Source 2 Lineage: Mike Tate’s master cassettes x4> Bill Bratton’s 1st gen reels x2 ( reel 1 @ 3 3/4 ips and reel 2 @ 7 1/2 ips) > wav (24/96)
Source 2 Taped By: Mike Tate and Mark Gorelick
Source 2 Transferred By: Presence (Jason P.)

Both sources mixed and edited at 24bit / 96000kHz. Finished wav files downsampled to 16 bit / 44100kHz cd quality wav files and sbe corrected.

Source 1 used unless otherwise noted.
Source 2 tracks speed corrected where necessary.


Disc 1
01. Introduction* 2:16
02. Rock And Roll 3:42
03. Sick Again 6:42
04. Over The Hills And Far Away 8:55
05. In My Time Of Dying 12:47
06. The Song Remains The Same 5:20
07. The Rain Song 9:22

Disc 2
01. Kashmir 10:26
02. No Quarter** 27:29
03. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9:25
04. Trampled Underfoot 10:18

Disc 3
01. Moby Dick 28:00
02. Dazed And Confused 42:22

Disc 4
01. Stairway To Heaven *** 13:39
02. Whole Lotta Love 10:34
03. Black Dog 5:33
04. Communication Breakdown 2:49
05. Heartbreaker 10:22

Runtime 220:01

* Source 2 used to patch in part of the introduction.
** Source 2 used to patch in missing section between reel change for Source 1.
*** Source 2 used to patch in where Source 1 ends during Stairway To Heaven until the end of the show.


One of the marathon shows of the 75 tour and one of the longest shows and longest versions of Dazed And Confused they ever played. The complete show is presented here from the best possible sources and transfers available to date(July 2008). Both sets of reels for each source can be considered the defacto masters since the originals for both sources are MIA or no longer exist. Both sets of reels used here are Bill’s safety copies he dubbed from the actual masters themselves and have sat unplayed for at least 20+ years and in the case of Source 1(Stan G.) almost 30 years to the day until these transfers were done.


Stan Gutoski for taping source 1.

Mike Tate and Mark Gorelick for taping source 2.

The members of JEMS for all the assistance they provided from materials to
information used here.

Bill Bratton for providing the reels used here for both sources and for all his input on the project.

Gunther aka gthecock for his excellent artwork and covers.

Hugh Jones for permission to use his story and for providing scans to the Proximity issue used here.

Led Zeppelin for the obvious reasons.

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