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Publié le 30 mai 2020 par Pascal Iakovou @luxsure

6 Collaborations with different artists intepreting the expression of the collection from their perspective

Muriel Nisse

Muriel Nisse was born in 1984. She's a French contemporary mask maker. She has studied the object design at the National school of decorative arts in Strasbourg, before settling in Paris where she's working part time as a wigmaker and mask maker at the National Opera of Paris.

Halfway between fashion, art and craftwork her work is clearly oriented on hair material and embroidery use with a wide range of influences such as mythology, the Opera of Pékin, symbolic painting, the afro and futuristic hair culture, subaquatic creatures and insects, and everything that can feed my imagination. Muriel Nisse is deeply willing to create new and singular type of imagery, to transform the codes of femininity and identification by making associations with plural disciplinary artists and photographers.

Olivier Denuit

Olivier Denuit is a Parisian artist, he obtained his postgraduate diploma in Plastic Arts at the Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2018. In his work, Olivier is interested in drapery, skin, everything is an obstacle between beings: armor, clothing, but also bathroom mirrors, selfies which sometimes haunt his works are as many barriers as he persists in trying to dissipate. But there is something else: his drawings are not indifferent, they are not only a representation of reality, his line, lively or slow, spicy or soft, is in love: when he draws (he says), he looks at the person a lot and little at the leaf. Another way to gently lift the membrane that separates it from the other.

Ana Karkar

Ana Karkar (1986, USA) Born and raised in San Francisco, Ana Karkar was formally trained in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. After moving to Paris, she alternated studies between the Sorbonne and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts while working freelance in fashion and luxury. She interrupted her studies for a job at Louis Vuitton where she worked for 7 years in Digital Media production. In 2013 she was mentored in

the TURPS Correspondence program based in London. Her work involves merging and dismantling archetypes and often includes sequences from mainstream film and television in the medium of painting. More recent exhibitions include solo shows "we value your privacy" at DZIALDOV in Berlin (2019), "Where there's smoke" at Le Consulat in Paris (2018) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, USA (2015), and group shows at Nosbaum Reding in Luxembourg (2019) and Galerie PCP in Paris (2019). instagram: @ana_karkar

Galatée Martin

Galatée Martin is a painter, she lives and works in Paris. Her work focuses on figurative painting in a spontaneous way featuring characters in large proportions. Her inspiration can be found from various sources. We can unseal the details that belong to Matisse directories, Gauguin, Bonnard ... Each painting, each drawing is attached to a reference, a story. A graduate of Fine Arts in Lyon in textiles, Galatea continued her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in the fashion section. Her drawings then became clothes. With this new perspective, it gives the paintings other dimensions; a moving body. Proportions are at the heart of her work, she currently devotes herself to large formats.

Emma Louise Diest is an artist based in Amsterdam. Born in The Netherlands, she began painting at a very young age. She studied literature and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam while working in fashion, the influence of which remains recognisable in her work today. In London, she developed a more diverse lens for viewing art as a narrative tool for understanding society, history, and culture. Back in the Netherlands, she became a news anchor

for the radio station of Amsterdam and soon started her own radio show dedicated to art and craftsmanship called Atelier Amsterdam, featuring interviews with prominent members of society. Emma is interested in the artist's perspective and background - this is an ongoing theme explored in her acrylic, ink and charcoal work. In her paintings, drawings, and sketches, we gain a glimpse into the imaginary world of the artist. Life in all its fullness becomes visible in the movement of the body and the subtle expression of the face.


With an unorthodox yet recognisable style, Ogre is one of the French artists whose name often stands out internationally. Hungry for travel on a personal basis or seen in multiple festivals, he delivers without complex a style of the highest quality. He organised many graffiti events such as Urban Funke in Spain, the Franco-German Festival of the Summer Session or the Potos Carrés in Saint Etienne. He also wrote for the French publications Mixgrill and Innercity, of which he carefully selected the content and communication within the international graffiti community. His thirst for development led his style to be qualified by his observers as organic, robotic, dynamic, curved, wild and spontaneous. The harmony of colors, the preponderance of the work of the solid and the straight lines are strongly imposed in its visual identity. A permanent documentation feeds his inspiration, the world around him, fashion, photography, Instagram, the subway, the torn posters which are there strongly feed his graphic look. His work oscillates between his personal development on canvas and graphic services for different cultural events or big names such as Chanel, Colette, Bensimon, Jim Thompson, Philippe Starck or the European Community.

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