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Cinthie presents 4th volume of 803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts

Publié le 17 septembre 2020 par Crocblanc

Elevate's boss Cinthie presents a new volume from the 803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts series. This 4th release will hit both digital platforms and physical records stores on September 25th. It is packed with 4 original productions from Manuold, Asquith (Loster Theremin's head honcho), as well as UC BEATZ and Yard One.

Cinthie launched the Collective Cuts imprint in 2019 with a VA showcasing the works of KETTAMA, Asquith, 9th House and S3A. Since then, it's gone on to release a follow up EP from the latter and a split EP from Anaxander and Azuni. As the name would suggest the label was built as a platform for Cinthie to showcase the music of her peers.

Here we see this continue with a four track package welcoming back Asquith while introducing three new acts to the roster. Up first is Manuold with his " Classic Paradise " cut, a disco-tinged house track employing diva style vocals, bright keys, choppy bass hits and sweeping pad sequences throughout. Lobster Theremin's Asquith then takes thing in a rave driven direction with bumpy breaks, heavy doses of sub bass and a hazy, resonant atmospheric pad.

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