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A Man Called Adam launches series of retrospective mixtapes « Love Forgotten »

Publié le 24 novembre 2020 par Crocblanc

A Man Called Adam (AMCA) occupy a unique place in the British electronic music scene. Enigmatic, fiercely independent... and yet: they've sold millions of records.

You'll hear their music in every beach bar on the planet but few people outside the underground dance scene know much about this eccentric duo. Their catalogue is littered with genre-defining classics such as " Techno Powers ", " Barefoot In the Head ", or their lounge version of " Que Tal America ", but also Ibiza chillout masterpieces like " Estelle " and " Easter Song ".

In 2019, Test Pressing referred to AMCA as 'Britain's unsung pop heroes' in their review of album " Farmarama " which saw them return after a decade long hiatus - but they hadn't been idle during their time out. In fact, they continuously experimented, collaborated and fulfilled commissions for museums, radio programmes and films. They studied sound design, sonic art and poetics, wrote songs, made films, a/v and installation works.

The Oddities collections bring some of that work into the public domain for the first time and places it next to recognisable classics from the band's catalogue.

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