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Publié le 29 juillet 2008 par Vicomtesse Fox

Short and sweet, nice and neat is the way Mary Quant plays her cards. As one of the first designers to set the mini-skirt fashion one may think her to be rather liberal when it comes to dress-code. But her dandy side saves her from a bad reputation - with a clean cut smart attitude, this chick gets away with showing a little extra flesh !

In the middle of the 20th century, minds had just got used to women learning to write and having a say in political matters, never mind them going and showing their legs to the whole wide world ! Nevertheless, Mary Quant, a young English fashion designer, managed to creep that seem up the silhouette whilst keeping her clothes clean cut and as one may say, respectable.

 How low high can you go ?!

A woman should be able to run after a bus, she would explain. The mini-skirt was the new "practical" (hum, not so sure about that one ! ) invention which allowed the new man to take her place in modern society ! In the sixties it became the height of fashion and has never stopped getting "higher" since - although I do suggest some of us turn on the light in the morning whilst getting dressed: too many belts are mistaken for skirts these days… (Reminds me of the "Is skirt off sick?" snippet in The Diary of Bridget Jones ! )

Quant and her beautiful long legs - or was that just the effect the short skirt gave ? We've got you sussed, Mary !

You may think the name comes simply from the size of this new invention but the story gets sweeter. Mary Quant puts a slightly more personnal slant on the origin of the mini-skirt as she says to have named it after her favorite car, the Mini. In 1988, to her delight and honnor, the smart lady was asked to design the interior of the Mini 1000 which was originally called the "Mini Quant". She dressed the seats in black and white stripes, a solonnel but stylish choice lightened by the red dash board and seat belts she added in - classical but succesful, just like the designer herself.


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