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Publié le 01 septembre 2008 par Boule à Facettes
Photo : Manon
Arrête de guetter le fond comme si tu cherchais vraiment quelque chose. Tout vient à point.
We've just come back from a pétanque party. There was an ex-aequo dilemma and no want to loose apéro time. So we have chosen two remixes to release in Starskee's digital EP the 23th september on Ekler'O'Shock. Congratulations to LE DEFI and Man&Man; ! Let's Starskee talks about the final top 3.
I liked LE DEFI remix on first listen. It gave me a nice warm feeling when the pads come in at the start and the emotion carried on through the track. It reminds me a bit of the progressive house sound of the 90's. The production, arrangement and the use of vocal are also great and made it number 1 remix for me.
Starskee - My Way (LE DEFI remix)
LE DEFI's myspace
I liked the Man & Man remix because it was the most diverse mix we received. Although there is quite a lot going on with the various Guitar riffs it still doesn't sound too busy and is definitely original. It's kind of like Franz Ferdinand meets Starskee. Loads of energy.
Starskee - My Way (Man&Man Spinal Tab Vision)
Man&Man's myspace
9 minutes Long, The Terrestrial Super Receiver remix moves through a dreamy landscape of sound keeping you interested all the way. Synths and choirs accompany the 80's sounding rock drums to make an Extra Terrestrial Track.
Starskee - My Way (Terrestrial Super Receiver remix)
Terrestrial Super Receiver's myspace
The jury has also appreciated versions from Ed Orable, Culture Prophet and Young P3018 & Kanthos.Thanks to all lovers. We hug you. So just for your pleasure, the fifteen others remixes.
Starskee - My Way remixes
NB : The winning remixes are available in 192kbps for 10 days only. Bah oui !WWW.BOULEAFACETTES.NET

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