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Browser comparison by Microsoft

Publié le 19 juin 2009 par Freakyfays


You may have heard. Microsoft is not shipping IE8 with its new operating system Windows 7, which should be released in October, in Europe. Several solutions are being proposed as how users will install a browser on their machine but all have a common proposal: Users will have the choice on which browser.

This is a major threat for Microsoft and might lead to a big marketshare loss. Today, many people Internet Explorer as it is the “default” browser and do not bother to look at something else. In the future, they will have no default and will have to make a choice.

Microsoft will be starting an evangelisation campaign, trying to rally most of the users to its new version of the Internet Explorer, IE8. It started with a (laughable) comparison with Firefox and Chrome.

The below table shows their point of comparison. You may notice how the left column is populated, and you really got to check the comments.

Browser comparaison

According to this chart, IE8 should be the prefered browsing choice. But when it comes to real facts, this depicts how Microsoft tries to jeopardize real facts using marketing speech. This chart would have been of more interest if actually it had presented something more representative of reality. Showing a “no coverage” case for Firefox and Chrome when it comes to Security or Privacy is just meaningless. We all know how Chrome first introduce the “anonymous mode” that has been adopted in IE8 at a later stage. Both browsers support all common security and anti-phishing mechanisms.

Search has always been an enhanced feature within Firefox which had the small search box on the upper left, Chrome uses the address bar as a search engine, providing predictive typing. Where does this compare to anything provided by Microsoft.

Funny enough, Microsoft skipped Opera and Safari. Aren’t they considered as real threats to Microsoft ? Opera has just launched its Opera Unite platform, which introduces an embedded Web Server and several features. They were first to introduce the speed dial feature that was adopted in Chrome (supported in IE using Google Toolbar).

There’s one particular section I love: Performance. We all know this is a major issue in IE8. Slow for starters, slow for rendering pages and aweful Javascript execution speed. Both Firefox 3.5 and Chrome 3.0 have been introducing great enhancements. So what do they have to say for their defense ? “Top speed of a car doesn’t tell you how fast you can drive during rush hours”. Does that mean that the Internet is in a permanent congestion ? They might have missed fact that people have been consuming lot of media on the internet, that many now are living through DSL and Fiber. We’ll let them know. And I’d really know what kind of car they’re riding, old bikes perhaps. On the basis of this statement, you might just need to align on the basement ? Yeah, right. Why bother upgrading to IE8, let’s just get back to IE5


Now talking real, does browsing restricts to Windows users only ? What about Linux and Mac users ? Hence, what does Microsoft say about portability ? Or perhaps they might develop Linux and Mac versions for IE8 ? Which we righteously can claim ?

This is about time to go out and claim it. Microsoft, we would be glad to adopt IE8 provided you hand us copies under Linux and Mac. And I’m sure many others would do as well, so it’s up to you. Care to listen ?

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