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Une liste de ressources de recherche sur le thème de l'adoption internationale.

Publié le 05 juillet 2009 par Zench

ICASN.jpgA list of research resources on the topic of inter-country adoption.

[Via Inter-Country Adoptee Support Network (ICASN)]

Adoption Research Organisations

-Trans-racial Adoption: Research & Consultation -The Adoption Initiative (University Collaboration in the USA) -Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute -Centre for Adoption Research - USA -Centre for Cognitive Developmental Assessment & Remediation - specialise in psycho educational needs for internationally adopted children

Research Papers specific to Inter-Country Adoption

-Adoption, resilience and the importance of stories: the making of a film about teenage adoptees -The Relationship between institutional care and international adoption of children in Europe -Counselling Psychologist: The Adoption Issue -Foster care better for IQ than Orphanage -Outcomes of Inter-Country Adoption in Ireland -Becoming an Adoptive Parent: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experience of Prospective Adopters Adoption Competency Training Interest / Needs Assessment Survey, University of Texas -International Adoption NSW Law Reform Commission discussion paper 34 - Review of Adoption of Children Act (ICA an International Perspective) -Transracial Adoption: Expatriate parents living in China with their adopted Chinese children -The Internacional Adoption Related Children in Quebec, Canada -Guide to Good Practice: The Implementation & Operation of the 1993 Hague Intercountry Adoption Convention -Netherlands: Report on Intercountry Adoption, May 2008
-Degrading attitudes related to foreign appearance: interviews with Swedish female adoptees from Asia
-Challenging Monohumanism: an argument for changing the way we think about intercountry adoption
-Hybrid Reflections on Cultural Belonging in Intercountry Adoptee Narratives
-Reconstructing Identity for Children adopted from China
-Young Adult International Adoptee's Search for Birth Parents
-The importance of ethnic socialisation and subjective wellbeing for Korean born adopted children

Adoptee Written Thesis's on Adoption

-Adoptees as 'White' Koreans -Adoptees in Reunion -An Adop/aptive reading & writing of Australia and it's contemporary literature: the metaphor of an adopted body -Tracing the Red Thread: An Ethnography of Chinese-US Transnational Adoption -Comforting an Orphaned Nation -Discursive construction of Adoptive Identity: the case of Ethiopian born adult adoptees living in Sweden -The Exile of the Body
-Being Raised by White People: Navigating racial difference among adopted multiracial adults
-Black-White Heritage and Transracial Adoption
-Domestic Transracial Adoption & Multiraciality
-Storytelling and Ethnographic intersections: Vietnamese adoptees and rescue narratives
-Identity Formation in Vietnamese Adoptees of Operation Babylift: an exploratory study in intercultural communication -The Adopted Vietnamese Community: From Fairytales to the Diaspora -Adopted Vietnamese -What gaze on "children" is manifested in What is said about Adoption in the UN Convention on The Rights of Children? -Homo adopticus -"How much did you pay for her?" Decision making criteria underlying adoptive parent's responses to inappropriate remarks

Research Statistics on Inter-Country Adoption

-Intercountry Adoption in Europe 1998 - 2006: trends, patterns, and issues (P Selman) -Inter-Country Adoption Statistics -Trends in Intercountry Adoption (1998 - 2004) by Peter Selman -Australian Adoptions 2006 - 2007

Medical & Health Research

-Adopted children with special health care needs: characteristics, health, and health care by adoption type -Psychosocial Outcomes within Adopted & Non-Adopted Individuals (Summary) -Educational Attainment & Cognitive Competence in Adopted Men - a study of international & national adoptees, siblings, and a general Swedish population -Suicide, psychiatric illness and social maladjustment in ICA in Sweden -Health & Development of Children Adopted from China Research Booklet: Children Adopted from China - A Longitudinal Study of their Health, Growth & Development.  Email Nancy for a copy -Unique Issues of Adult Adoptees from a Psychotherapeutic Perspective -Orphan Doctor

Adoption Ethics Research

-Schuster Institute of Investigative Journalism: Corruption in International Adoptions -Adoption - At What Cost? For an Ethical Responsibility of Receiving Countries in Intercountry Adoption
-Child Trafficking & Formalisation - The Case of International Adoption from Eucador
-Intercountry Adoption - Past, Present, & Future Concerns regarding Regulation -The creation and ill affects of the Baby Trade -Intercountry adoption as child trafficking -The two faces of Intercountry Adoption -Child Laundering: How the Intercountry adoption system legitimises & incentivizes the practices of Buying, Kidnapping, Selling, & Stealing Children -Perverse effects of the Hague Convention Source : ICASN.

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