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Inamo, home of fusion

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Fusion – Noun -
1- Something new created by a mixture of qualities, ideas, or things.
2- A style of cooking that combines ingredients and techniques from different cultures or countries.

Fusion Food - Inamo

Since September 2008, the word fusion has found a new home at Inamo, a pan-Asian restaurant and bar.  Illustrating the perfect fusion of the IT world’s ingenuity with the creativity of the chefs’ toque, Inamo is a unique concept where customers take control of their own dinner in a sci-fi dinner room experience.

The story began five years ago when two young and ambitious students, fed up of waiting for their orders, decided to work on a concept where people would enjoy their meal at their own speed without depending on a waiter’s availability and other customer’s


Two worlds were about to merge with to attain one objective: Put the means to make each customer’s dinner experience exactly what they want it to be at the tips of their fingers, literally.

Mouse pads replace the paper menu to order what you want and when you want, get your bill whenever you like, even call a waiter with just the touch of a button. The lamps above your head have metamorphosed into projectors and your table is converted into an interactive tableau where you set your own ambience and design by choosing among different graphics and colours. And if your dearest love is in a challenging mood while waiting to be served, let see how you manage a game of ‘battleship’.

The home of technological fusion with a dining experience, Inamo could only do itself justice by serving Asian-fusion food; a combination of Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. Countries of technology and innovation, this kind of cuisine finds its place among what looks like at the first glance another gadget. “Nine out of ten customers come to Inamo to play with the system, expecting it to be a gimmick but then, they realize that the food is good,” explains Mark Eggebrry, general manager at Inamo. “We have noticed that by having access to the pictures of the dishes, people select their meal by taste instead of food orientation.”

Mark’s choice to move from the luxury hotel, Sanderson, to Inamo was like asking a kid to design his dream game: “When I was first approached about Inamo I must say I was a little bit skeptical. I interviewed with the owners four times before I saw the actual system at work and at that stage I was sold. The possibilities in my mind for this system are endless and I wanted to be a part of this very ground breaking technology and this very unique style of service.


If you fancy a unique experience, step into Inamo and you wouldn’t be disappointed. The food is diverse and tasty (And the 3-plate chocolate dessert to die for!), the waiters always available to help you and of course, you have a lot of fun playing with your interactive table. One advice though: order your main dish once you’ve finished with your starter as the team in the kitchen seem to be the most efficient cooks in London.
Inamo Collage

Inamo is definitely a place to go with your friends, your geek husband or a date you want to impress.
But if you’re looking for a restaurant to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with candles and roses, you may want to come back later, unless, of course, your dearest love would appreciate a bouquet of roses as the background of her table. It’s all about fusion.


Mathilde’s Cuisine: What is your relationship to technology?
Mark Eggebrry: “Personally I love everything about it, I love the fact that I can have my whole life on one device that I can use to organise and work. I just want more, everything easier thanks to technology!”

How do you define cooking?
“Cooking for me represents family and friends, coming together for an experience and each others’ company. The time taken and effort put into a dish or a meal defines for me how much care was taken to prepare it.”

What are your influences in cooking?
“Most certainly for me the biggest influence is Asian cuisine, I have spent most of my career working with Asian foo and,  for that very reason, I am very impressed, intrigued and inspired by the ingredients used and how they are combined to give a remarkable end product.”

What is your favourite sneaky snack?
“Off our menu I would have to say my favourite snacks are the Pork ribs and the Duck. At home, however, I am less picky and will often sit down to a bag of biltong, (South African dried beef) which I make myself!”

What is the last cookbook you’ve read?
“The most recent one I tried anything from (with marginal success) was Alain Ducasse, however I more frequently use a Jamie Oliver at home book, lots of easy recipes.”

134-136 Wardour Street
London W1F 8ZP
+44 (0)20 7851 7051

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