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Led Zeppelin en concert à Orlando (Audio / 1971)

Publié le 22 octobre 2007 par Nico

An excellent complete concert of Led Zeppelin's 7th US tour
The incomplete soundboard for this show surfaced 5 years ago, and was first used by Empress Valley for their Florida Sunshine release (patched with the Audience source). Although it was a treat for fans at the time, EV EQ'd this release as usual. In 2005 GM issued this DVD-A version, offering a top quality release.

Band : Led Zeppelin
Venue : Civic Auditorium, Orlando, Florida
Date : 31st August 1971

Version info

Ref : "Orlando - You Really Got Me" (GM DVD-A GM-LZ-31.08.1971-DVD-A-13)
Excellent soundboard source except ** where audience source used to complete



  1. Intro**
  2. Immigrant Song
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Since I've Been Loving You
  5. Dazed And Confused**
  6. Black Dog
  7. Stairway To Heaven
  8. Celebration Day**
  9. That's The Way**
  10. Going To California**
  11. What Is And What Should Never Be**
  12. Moby Dick
  13. Whole Lotta Love
  14. Organ Solo
  15. Thank You


The extracts below are taken from Underground Uprising. Please visit this site for complete information.

The Empress Valley release Florida Sunshine (in both 2 and 4 CD guises) was an extremely important one when it came out two years ago at the start of 2003. It made available a newly surfaced soundboard recording (albeit incomplete) for much of the concert. Combined with the audience recording we got almost the entire show. Two years later Genuine Masters brings out their version of the SBD/AUD matrix, on a single DVDR-Audio (and on two CDRs if so desired). The sound on this release is more 'natural', ie the sources have not been EQ'd to the extent that Empress Valley like to do it. The screen printed disc is in full colour, as is the very attractive DVD case insert... (Jules McTrainspotter March 05)

Let me first highlight the fact that we are enjoying a Soundboard/Audience mix here and the sound quality rating for each breaks down to a solid "9" for the Soundboard and a "7 to 8" for the much more palatable version of the mono audience recording that Genuine Masters presents to us with "Orlando-You Really Got Me" - versus what Empress Valley and Eel Grass offered up initially with "Florida Sunshine". Genuine Masters has all along been about the "naturalness" of a given recording and I for one couldn't wait to hear what they present to us with this 1971 Led Zeppelin gem. ... I know Zeppelin fans will be more than appreciative to have this excellent release in their collections and I'm ecstatic to have 1971 represented solidly in the GM format and glad they included this Orlando show in their catalog of releases. They have served collectors well with the production value this title brings. (SVENGI HotWacks On-Line March 05)

It is truly nice to at last have a title from Genuine Masters featuring one of the concerts in '71, which I believe was throughout the golden year of the band! As most of you know, Empress Valley first made the soundboard tape of the concert available to us in its title "Florida Sunshine". I compared the sound of this title from GM with that of EV's title. On my first hearing of GM's title, I thought EV's title might sound more gutsy and solid, probably being affected by the label's technical equalizing. However, as I turned up the volume, I soon realized I was wrong! Naturally, the range and depth of the sound featured in the DVD version of GM's title, especially in its lower end, are greater than EV's. ... Another nice and highly enjoyable work presented by the masterful producer of the label! (Takemi Hiramatsu April 05)

...Orlando You Really Got Me restores that source to the finest possible degree (a little light on airy highs, but strong down the middle and on the bottom end) and layers in the missing pieces of the show from a very credible (for the era) audience recording. The fill-ins are primarily from the acoustic portion of the show, which helps, as the diminished din was undoubtedly easier to capture for the primitive gear of the taper. The seamlessness of the source switching is, like Devil's, strikingly transparent (try matching audience levels to board levels yourself without introducing lots of noise; it ain't easy). The performance is a pleasure, too, from the cracking intro to "Celebration Day" to the stereo-sweeping guitar on "What Is and What Should Never Be" to the entrancing organ solo that precedes the lovely, show-closing "Thank You." Orlando, you really did get us this time. (Butterking April 05, an expanded Review from Going Underground, ICE Magazine, June 05)

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Jimmy Page Interview (he talks about this show) (CROSSROADS MAI 2003 ) - in French

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