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Recettes de Fraises gratuites sur votre Iphone /A Free ipHone Strawberry Recipe App

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Bon, je sais, ce n'est pas du tout la saison des fraises en Europe, mais qu'est-ce que j'y peux, moi, si la Commission des Fraises de Californie a choisi le 13 décembre pour lancer son application iphone gratuite proposant les recettes de fraises d'une cinquantaine de bloggeurs de par le monde, hein ? Vous vous doutez bien que si je vous en parle ici, c'est que l'une de mes recettes (le tartare) a été selectionnée. Depuis son lancement mercredi dernier, plus de 3000 chargements ont été effectués et l'application est l'une des favorites du staff de l'Apple Store; alors ne vous privez pas ! C'est gratuit, on vous dit ! Et en attendant que ce soit la saison, dévorez-les des yeux, ces splendides, que dis-je, ces fabuleuses photos ! ;-)) Si vous voulez pratiquer votre anglais, vous trouverez la revue de Presse ci-dessous.

L'application peut être chargée ici :

Yes, I am aware this is not really strawberry season, here, in Europe. But is it my fault if The California Strawberry Commission has chosen december 13th to launch its new free iphone Application ? ;-)) "Featuring more than 50 mouth-watering strawberry recipes, the app has been developed by a group of people who relentlessly scoured the web for the most scrumptious strawberry recipes from some of the top food bloggers and chefs around the world" says the press release ; this is why I am quite proud that one of my recipes has been selected. Since its launch last wednesday, the app has been featured as “Staff Favorite” on the App Store and the number of downloads has already passed 3,000 ! So, do not hesitate, it is totally free ! And while waiting for the strawberry high season, you can endlessly browse these 50 amazing pictures  !

Click here to download the App :


Press release :

Watsonville, CA (January 13, 2009) – The California Strawberry Commission today announced the availability of the free “STRAWBERRIES” mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch users featuring more than 50 mouth-watering strawberry recipes from some of the most popular food bloggers and chefs from around the web. Individually selected for that “wow” factor, these recipes will inspire families, foodies, cooks, the health conscious and strawberry lovers everywhere to get even more creative with strawberries.
iPhone and iPod touch users can now access different strawberry recipes complete with vivid food photography and step-by-step directions to create that special dish for those around you. The free app neatly categorizes recipes under Snacks & Appetizers, Breakfast, Cocktails, Main Courses, Salads and Sweets. Recipes range from traditional favorites, such as shortcakes and pies to more exotic dishes like strawberry dumplings, salsa and ceviche.
Individual recipes can be shared with friends, family and online networks by simply posting the recipe to Facebook or Twitter with the click of a button. Recipes can also be emailed to anyone for viewing or printing.
“I’m excited to have one of my recipes included in this app because I enjoy sharing my passion for cooking that goes all the way back to when I was in the fourth grade,” said Michael Ruhlman, food writer and blogger behind “This is a great way to further inspire people to recognize the importance and ease of preparing good and healthy food in their own kitchens.”
Strawberries are among the healthiest and most delicious foods in the world and the STRAWBERRIES app demonstrates the varieties of ways people can enjoy them. This app is ideal for a mom looking for a snack that will delight her kids and husband, a college student looking for something impressive to bring to a party, or for anyone just trying to figure out how to get more strawberries into their daily diets.
The Strawberries app for the iPhone and iPod touch is available immediately as a free download at the Apple iTunes Store. Click here to download the App :


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