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Absolut noise 4 years old birthday

Publié le 02 février 2010 par Absnoise
Today is the birthday of this blog. 4 years old! Since I launched it, many blogs have called it quit and actually I have stopped to read blogs as much as I used to back in 2006. Me? I am not tired of dealing with the Swedish scene in Frenglish at all, so I do not plan to stop Absolut Noise. And yes, I will keep on with the cheesy "" thing and this old-fashion layout. Also, since it is a birthday, let's celebrate here with 16 songs for you (see below, after the French translation): some B-sides, live stuff, great covers, weird remix or obscure tracks. No filler, only killers.
Pour mes compatriotes français
Aujourd'hui, ce blog fête son anniversaire. 4 ans ! Depuis que je l'ai lancé, beaucoup de blogs sont morts et j'avoue en lire moi-même beaucoup moins qu'en 2006. Je n'en ai pas du tout marre de parler de la scène suédoise en franglais et n'envisage pas le moins du monde de mettre un terme à Absolut Noise. Et oui, je compte bien garder mon dépassé "" et cette mise en page un peu vieillote. Aussi, puisqu'il s'agit d'un anniversaire, faisons la fête avec 16 chansons pour vous : des B-sides, des trucs live, des reprises du tonnerre, des remix étranges ou des morceaux inconnus. Aucun déchet, que des tubes.
NB : afin de garder une taille convenable à ce billet, les quelques éléments contextuels qui accompagnent chaque titre ne sont pas traduits.Promise and the monster - Sheets (live)
Promise & the Monster is one of the most gifted Swedish artist. Her first album remains one of my all time favourite. This delicate live version of Sheets, sung on Planet Claire, a little Parisian radio, proves my point.

Mattias Alkberg BD - Don Quixote (live)

Don Quixote is one of my fav song of MABD. Did you ever heard this live version?
Bad Cash Quartet - Put me back together (Bear Quartet cover)
Not as good as the Bear Quartet original but, damn, I did love the Bad Cash Quartet!

Hell on Wheels - Big day coming (Bad Cash Quartet cover)

I truly think this cover is better than the original version. And, damn, did I mention how much I loved the Bad Cash Quartet original version?
Paddington DC - Cut up, go thru
Calle Olsson is not only a member of two of the best Swedish bands (Bear Quartet and Paper), he runs also Paddington DC, an incredible prolific solo project. Cut up go thru is one of his first songs. A simple one. An obscure one. One of my fav too. I think this guy is a dark genius.
Johnossi - Social Flu
What happened to Johnossi when they made the track listing of their second album All they ever wanted? Social Flu should have been featured in it! Well, it is not. Instead, it is a (great) B-side. Btw, they are about to release their third record, more "stadium-rock" oriented.
Melpo Mene - Elephant Parade (live in Paris)
Elephant Parade is an unreleased track of Melpo Mene, sung live on Planet Claire. Great voice. Great atmosphere.
The Knife - Heartbeats (live)
Deep Cuts is my favourite The Knife/Fever Ray album. And Heartbeats one of the best song of this album. I do not remember where this live comes from. You can listen to their new electro-opera album Tomorrow in a year here.
Dräp en hund - Be Yourself
Two underage girls recorded a brilliant debut album produced by Jari Haapalainen. Then Dräp en hund disappeared. If someone has some news about them, please gimme a hint.
Niccokick - Coming Home
Second track of Niccokick Turn 27 EP. They shout. They shout louder. Then they shout again. And I like it very much. I cannot believe this was made seven years ago.
CDOASS - Speak to me
What happened to CDOASS? Did they split? I saw them live in 2004 and they were brilliant. Speak to me remains on the most unsane pop song I heard.
Shout out louds - The comeback (acoustic version)
You know Shout out louds. You know The Comeback, the first track of their first record. You might know this acoustic version which leaked on the web few years ago. To me, the band never did something as good as that.
Face for radio - One of your kind
The singer of this band is the brother of a Swedish girl I met in Stockholm in 2003. The band only released their songs on their website. Never got a deal. Never actually released their music. Then they split. But trust me : One of your kind is a hell of song, a fucking hit single.
Samuraj Cities - Thxa1000000 (mysterious remix)
One day, a person very close to the Samuraj Cities sent me this remix. I never knew who did it. That remains a mystery. Maybe the band did, who knows? A terrific remix anyway.
Karin Ström - Reptilian Brain
Recently, Karin Ström released her second electro record untitled Fantomhalvan, "the Phantom half" in English. Well, a long time before I put on this blog several songs that was a part of what I called a "ghost album" since they had never been released, as she told me. Phantom? Ghost? Well, Reptilian brain is one of those songs that had never been released and saw the light of day only through Absolut Noise. I'm proud of that. And I still think Reptilian brain is a goddamn pop song.
Holana - Dance man, you are a modern man
My latest post about them was dead on. Unfortunately. Not sure this band will release any new song under the name Holana. Dance man, you are a modern man is one of my favourite from them (I have already put a demo version of it. Here is a recorded one). Oh, I forgot, Holana members are still there eager to make great music. So stay tuned...

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