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Interview • Aura Dione [EN]

Publié le 21 février 2010 par Madnestef
Interview • Aura Dione [EN]HM • First of all, could you introduce yourself & your music to the readers who may not know you yet?
Aura • I like to describe myself as a wild child, a gypsy, a hippie kid and a fashion rebel. I’m Pocahontas meets Flashdance – and I’m completely my own. Music is a rush that I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to, and I see myself as a storyteller more than anything else! I chase my passions and work hard to make my dreams come true! My guitar has followed me since I was ten, and we’ve fought a lot and I’ve won many battles. That’s how it feels - contradicting feelings - just like in a relationship.
HM • We were crazy about Columbine when it came out, but we would never have thought that you would have tried to break other markets. How did this all happen? Was it always something you had in mind, releasing your music in other countries?
Aura • First of all, thank you for your nice words! I’ve always wanted to share my music with as many people around the World as possible. I LOVE telling stories – but it’s always more interesting if people listens ;-)
HM • And now you're actually number one in Germany, congrats! How does it feel?
Aura • It’s a dream come true!! It’s completely indescribable and unbelievable – I feel extremely grateful and HAPPY!
HM • Why did you choose to release a slighty new version of I will love you Monday instead of the original one?
Aura • I liked the original version – but I looove the new one! I thought that something was missing so, with a little help, I wrote the new chorus and I think it’s really catchy :-)
HM • Now we know that Columbine was the result of long years of work. Was there something special, which inspired you while you were writing it? How would you describe the whole atmosphere of the album to people who may consider listening to it?
Aura • Columbine opens a door into my life - and every song comes straight from my heart! It’s honest, emotional and thoughtful. Travelling mostly inspires me, and I would like to experience the entire world to find new inspiration.
HM • Random question, but who is the Sophie of Song for Sophie? Was she someone you really knew?
Aura • Yes, she was a childhood friend of mine – and sadly, we drifted apart. It’s an honest and true story from my life.
HM • Our absolute favorite though has to be You are the reason. There is something so magical and special about that song, we beg you to release it at some point ! Could you tell us the story behind that specific song?
Aura • It’s about wanting to jump out the window when you love somebody you can’t have or you are hurt. Its lucky for the girl in the song that I am the one who wrote the story – because then I gave her wings and made her fly...
HM • What is your writing process like? Do you like to sit alone in a silent room to create, or do you prefer to be surrounded by people, sounds, etc... ? And in a more general way, what inspires you?
Aura • I interpret the world - what I see in it - and then I write my lyrics. Every song has been wrote in it’s own way. Sometimes I write on my bed, sometimes on a beach, sometimes in the studio. When the inspiration comes, I put everything aside and let it come out!
HM • Even though the album is still new in most European countries, it's been two years since you originally released Columbine. Are you already working on its follow-up?
Aura • Yes, definitely! I can’t stop writing songs – I have a lot more to tell the World. I write with humour and irony, and with a wish to make a positive difference with my music and my voice while I’m here.
HM • Do you have any idea on what the next German single will be?
Aura • Yes, but It’s a secret! All I can say is that it’s a girl and the name starts with a “S”…
HM • A little selfish question: do you any plans on coming to France, maybe for a few performances? We would love to see you live.
Aura • Sure, I love France – especially Paris, the city of cities! I’ve just been to MIDEM in Cannes – it was great :-)
HM • Finally, some really quick questions:
If we looked into your IPod right now, what would we find?
Aura • Antony and the Johnsons, Björk, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Mozart, Nina Hagen and thousands of other amazing artists! I have a very diverse taste in music – it all depends on my mood.
What is the last album you bought?
AuraMichael Jackson greatest (DVD) – the greatest performer of all time!
If you had to pick an unknown artist to be your opening act, who would you choose and why?
AuraKitty Daisy & Lewis – It’s a family – the mother is a cool bass player, the father plays guitar and the 3 “kids” are playing the rest… “They rooooock”.
Your favourite song ever?
AuraJolene by Dolly Parton. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeene!
If you had to briefly say something about:
Lady Gaga? She is unique and has an ear for pop hits!
The Killers? I love rock’n’roll ;-)
Marit Larsen? She’s a talented singer/songwriter who tells stories like me.
Alphabeat? International POP with great potential!
Thank you very much for taking some time to answer our questions. We wish you the best with the release of your album throughout Europe and we have no doubt that you'll be successful ! We hope to get to hear from you again very soon !

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