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Ovni / Stromae - Te quiero

Publié le 24 juillet 2010 par Djaroy
English Stromae and his track "Alors on danse" is the music buzz of the moment. Nevertheless, we found "Te quiero", his new single more clever and more efficient than the previous one. As I listen few radios, I’ve just discovered this new artist on TV. Indeed, he begins to make more and more noise throughout Europe. With nearly 1 million single "Alors on danse" already sold, the Belgian artist, offers tracks with a dash of Kid Kudi and a voice like Louise Attaque. Influenced by Technotronic, Jacques Brel and Lil Wayne, Stromae productions are eclectics. "Te quiero" is a perfect example.  Stromae - Te quiero In 2005, Stromae discovered hip hop music with a group that he left to start his solo career. He began by signing a contract with the production house Kilomaître in 2008, as a composer. He produced some tracks for the R&B singer Melissa M, Angun and Kerry James. Then, came his explosion, with his first single "Alors on danse" that has been released under the French label Mercury / Universal. Gradually, his music is spreading in several European countries and thanks to this tremendous success, he managed to release his debut album "Cheese" available since June 21, 2010. His tracks are reflecting a good dose of creativity and madness. He mixes genres to give birth to simple and effective songs that move the masses. If you've noticed his pseudo, it is simply an anagram of maestro. Change the order of the letters of the last qualifier and you'll get the name of the artist, who comes a bit of nowhere, we must confess. His real name is Paul Van Haver, and his music is characterized by a voice flow rather effective and electro melodies. It is exactly like that, that “Alors on danse” has been built, with easy lyrics and a catchy beat. For "Te quiero", once again it's the same principle, with lyrics in the same style. It distinguished from the others productions, by a punchy electro bass line, but we regret there is no dub version, without voice. The notes that can be heard on this track are also well thought out. This track will be a hit in nightclubs and for us it is a much better production than the tube for which the artist became famous. We can see the full potential of the artist, capable of both commercial and more elaborate songs. Master of self-mockery, Stromae appears like a musical UFO in the middle of this year 2010. The only things we don’t want, is that he ends up as a Discobitch or Helmut Fritz. The coherent album "Cheese" which is sometimes too repeated in its construction, need to have a second breath, because the public gets tired more and more quickly these days. I’m sure Stromae, a highly talented MC and boundless of energy, will meet this challenge. BONUS  Stromae - Alors on danse Francais Stromae et son titre « Alors on danse» est le buzz musical du moment. Néanmoins, nous avons découvert « Te quiero », un titre plus recherché et plus efficace que le précédent. Ecoutant très peu la radio, je viens de découvrir ce nouvel artiste, qui commence à faire de plus en plus de bruit dans toute l’Europe. Avec près d’1 million de single « Alors on danse » déjà vendus, l’artiste belge originaire du Rwanda, propose des productions avec un zeste de Kid Kudi et une touche vocale à la Louise Attaque. Influencé par Technotronic, Jacques Brel ou encore Lil Wayne, les productions de Stromae sont éclectiques. « Te quiero » en est le parfait exemple.  Stromae - Te quiero C’est en 2005 que Stromae, découvre le hip hop avec un groupe qu’il va vite abandonner pour lancer sa carrière solo. Celle-ci va débuter par la signature d’un contrat avec la maison de production Ki

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