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Big Sister Remix Contest

Publié le 17 août 2010 par Tendancesfy
Big Sister Remix Contest

Tendances F&Y; and Audiodevot are proud to announce the Big Sister Remix Contest.
To celebrate the release of Timo Manson's new EP Family Affairs, Audiodevot and Tendances F&Y; are offering you the opportunity to remix the track Big Sister.
Timo Manson
Timo Manson is a German-based DJ and producer who started playing electronic music in the mid-90's. He has been fascinated by music since his childhood and he is now producing tasteful music either on his own or with partners (like Dexter Curtin for two albums and many EPs).
Big Sister
Big Sister is an electronic track based on a repetitive beat on which synthetic sounds are played. Relatively frenzied the music is reinforced by some sampled-voices. Absolutely heady this track is as good on home-listening as for club-playing ! This track is part of the Timo Manson's Family Affairs EP
Here is the original track Big Sister by Timo Manson :
Big Sister (Original - Timo Manson) by Timo Manson
The contest
The contest aims to select the three best remixes of the track Big Sister.
The jury will be composed of Timo Manson, Dexter Curtin and Florian
The remixers will have three weeks (from Tuesday, August 17th) to produce their remix and then the jury will have three weeks (from Tuesday, September 7th) to select the three best of them.
The three selected tracks will be released on a special Remix EP on Audiodevot !
- Remix files (here)
- Send your remix (MP3 file) through the Dropbox : send me your music on Fairtilizer
- Time for the remixers : 3 weeks (from Tuesday, August 17th to Tuesday, September 7th)
- Time for the jury : 3 weeks (from Tuesday, September 7th to Tuesday, September 28th)
- The prizes : The three best remixes would be released on a special Remix EP on Audiodevot.
- The three selected remixers would have to send us two versions of the track (master and unmastered)
- The remix files are only to use in the contest.
- You are not allowed to post your remix on myspace, facebook or other social networks
- You are not allowed to share a free download of your remix on the web on communitys.
- If you brake the rules you would be disqualified and your remix won't be taken into account.
- Tendances F&Y;
- Audiodevot
Enjoy this contest and good luck to everyone !

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