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Vinyl / Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter - Muzik EP

Publié le 19 septembre 2010 par Djaroy
English Pillar of the German electronic music scene, Marc Romboy has surrounded himself for his new EP "Musik" of a singer with whom he had worked previously: Blake Baxter. The man, who had put his voice especially on "Underground Thang" in 2007, is once again at the origins of an underground production with a dark voice, still effective. The EP consists of two tracks. There are the original version and the remix of Kink, a Bulgarian producer at the top of his art and who made recently an excellent remix of "Muchness" composed by Pete Tong and Mark Knight that we reviewed. Productions are as you'd expect, between techno and minimal!  01. Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Version 1) / 9:29  02. Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Kink Remix) / 6:47 70th release of the label Systematic Recordings, it is already the sixth collaboration between the two artists. For 5 years now, the two friends team up annually to release techno tracks. There were indeed, first in 2005 "Freakin', then "House Ya" and "The Club", and also "Underground Thang" (2007), "Fly Away" (2008) and finally "Where Would You Be?" last year. After the release of "Lake of Nivelles” some weeks ago, produced in the company of our friend Rodriguez Jr., Marc Romboy returns with a darker production. The track is notably playlisted by Josh Wink, John Digweed, D'Julz, and Pete Tong. It is further considered by Stephan Bodzin, as the best production from 2010, up today! For those unaware of the glittering background of Mr. Baxter, you should know that he holds a place as one of the protagonists in the historical development of Detroit techno. His legendary releases on Underground Resistance, Tresor and Incognito are still firm favorites in the boxes of many of todays big jocks. Marc Romboy is surrounded by one of the heavyweights of the techno world and gave birth to a dark production that we really love... Finally, in terms of future productions, Marc Romboy is about to release two new bombs with his mate Stephan Bodzin. First in October, there will be the fantastic "Triton" and then in January 2011 the album "Luna", I can announce to you exclusively. Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin will certainly offer us in the next few weeks other surprises soon. BONUS Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin - Triton (October 2010) MORE INFOS Francais Pilier de la scène électronique allemande, Marc Romboy s’est entouré pour son nouvel EP « Musik », d’un chanteur avec lequel il avait déjà travaillé précédemment Blake Baxter. Celui qui avait posé sa voix notamment sur « Underground Thang » en 2007, est encore une fois à l’origine d’une production underground dont le vocal sombre est toujours aussi efficace. L’EP se compose de deux titres. Il y a l’original et le remix de Kink, un producteur Bulgare au sommet de son art et dont nous vous avions déjà parlé pour son très bon remix de « Muchness » composé par Pete Tong et Mark Knight. Les productions sont comme vous vous en doutez, à la frontière de la techno et de la minimale !  01. Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Version 1) / 9:29  02. Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Kink Remix) / 6:47 70ème sortie du label Systematic Recordings, c’est déjà la sixième collaboration entre les deux artistes. Depuis 5 ans maintenant les deux compères s’associent annuellement pour sortir des tracks. Il y a en effet depuis 2005 tout d’abord « Freakin' », puis « House Ya » et « The Club », ensuite « Under

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