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Track / Deadmau5 feat SOFI - Sofi needs a ladder

Publié le 01 novembre 2010 par Djaroy
English The latest track by Deadmau5 has just been released. It is a new collaboration with S.O.F.I. (Some Other Female Interest) entitled "Sofi Needs a ladder". This track will be part of the new Deadmau5’s album that will be released on December: "4x4 = 12". It follows another collaboration done previously with S.O.F. I. "One Trick Pony" that will be too on this album. After the review of « Raise your weapon », Deadmau5 is back with a massive electro track. In the following article, you will discover that this track is perfectly in a Deadmau5stic style!  Deadmau5 and S.O.F.I. - Sofi needs a ladder Joel Zimmerman, whose success began with his track "Faxing Berlin" discovered by Pete Tong, had a pretty busy 2010 year. Figurehead of the current worldwide electronic music scene, he has just been awarded by a place of number 4 @ the 2010 DJ Mag’s ranking. Deadmau5, native from Toronto, released gradually during the recent weeks some of the productions of his new album, whether it is "Raise your weapon" or this new collaboration with S.O.F.I. : "Sofi Needs a ladder". For your information, I will write before the end of the week a dedicated review about this album that will be available starting on December 6, almost at the same time of the soundtrack for the movie "Tron" realized by Daft Punk. As a teaser, please find below the full track listing of "4x4 = 12". Regarding the track, it's a production made for the dancefloor which follows the rhythms of « Animal rights » for instance. If we learnt these last few weeks that Deadmau5 is moving towards a dubstep style, as it is the case with "Raise your weapon", "Sofi Needs a ladder" keeps the basic characteristics of Deamdau5’s electro tracks, with a saturated bass and a voice that works pretty well. No real surprise, but many clubbers will dance on it, for sure. With this effective track, Deadmau5 continues to fuel the chronic, disseminating new tracks from his upcoming album. This is quite funny, because almost all the tracks of this album are already available in single or to listen before its release... Is Deadmau5 victim of his success? TRACK LISTING – Deadmau5’s album – 4x4=12 01. Deadmau5 - Some Chords 02. Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder 03. Deadmau5 - City In Florida 04. Deadmau5 - Bad Selection 05. Deadmau5 - Animal Rights 06. Deadmau5 - I Said (Michael Woods Remix) 07. Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Sleeps 08. Deadmau5 - Right This Second 09. Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon 10. Deadmau5 - One Trick Pony 11. Deadmau5 - Everything Before Francais Le dernier titre de Deadmau5 est enfin sorti. Il s’agit d’une collaboration avec S.O.F.I. (Some Other Female Interest) qui s’intitule « Sofi needs a ladder ». Ce track sera présent sur l’album de Deadmau5 qui sortira en Décembre : « 4x4=12 ». Ce titre fait suite justement à une autre collaboration avec S.O.F.I. sur le titre « One Trick Pony » lui aussi présent sur cet album. Après l’article sur « Raise your weapon », Deadmau5 nous présente encore une fois un gros titre électro bourrin dans son sens noble. Ce titre que vous pourrez découvrir dans la suite de l’article est dans le pur style Deadmau5esque !  Deadmau5 and S.O.F.I. - Sofi needs a ladder Joel Zimmerman, de son vrai nom et dont le succès a commencé avec son titre « Faxing Berlin », repère par l’honorable Pete Tong, a vécu une année 2010 assez chargée. Figure de proue actuelle de la scène électronique mondiale, il vient de se voir auréolé  d’une place de numéro 4 au classement du DJ Mag, qui n’en finit plus d

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