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Dj Premier & Pete Rock : Un album en commun ?!

Publié le 06 novembre 2010 par Akram02

Et c'est Primo qui le confirme Himself ! Ca peut être intéressant même si depuis quelques temps Primo me lasse plutôt qu'autre chose. Puis bon il en ajoute tout le temps (comme tout le monde me direz vous) Dans tout les cas c'est un projet qui peut être intéressant. Lol @ The lineup I got is Illmatic!

“The Pete Rock project, we just started that last week. To finish the compilation album I had to put that on the back burner. I addressed that with the artists I got on there. Pete’s not supposed to tell me who he got, and I’m not supposed to say who I got. I got four already, I just need to get two more. We’re doing six songs each and then we’re ready to go.”

Pete came to my studio and laid one of them with one of the artistes. I took sneak listen and the shit sounds hot. He doesn’t even know I heard it, but that’s what he gets for doing a session in my studio.”

“It is a competition, but a fun one of course. The lineup I got is Illmatic! People are going to go crazy on this shit. I’m going to be done with that hopefully by the end of December. We feel that people are going to buy it just on the strength. So when you hear the artists that we got for the battle, it’s going to be so much fun. It’s rare artists in the industry where everyone is going to be like ‘oh shit, how’d you get with him?’ I have to come up with two more.”

“I’ll tell you one that I got…The GZA, Me and GZA? Oh my God. That’s the only one I’ll tell you.”

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