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High Moments of Land Mark Event

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Day one of President Paul Biya's outing during the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces in Bamenda on December 8, 2010 was great and eventful. It was all about a new chapter that opens for the North West Region.
In effect, the clocks stroke 1.28 p.m when from the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grandstand, President Biya announced the creation of a University in Bamenda, intentions to construct a dam on Menchum Falls, negotiations with big companies to complete the Ring road, studies towards the construction of a Referral hospital in Bamenda etc. It was all about a President who listens to the concerns of his compatriots.

Face to face with the population of the North West , President Biya was back to his second home and took time off to remind doubting Thomases about his bilingualism with a great part of his address in the Queen's language. The awe- inspiring crowd that lined the streets to herald their President was most welcome. It was a day for the North West as President Biya communed with the nation from Bamenda. The memorable and historic day began with the arrival of the Head of State and 1st Lady, Chantal Biya at the Heliport in the neighbourhood of Up Station at 10.53 a.m. Little Sirri Trifosia Che and Fogwe Fomonyam respectively of Providence Bilingual Primary and Nursery school and PNEU counted their blessings with the privilege to offer bouquets of flowers to the Presidential Couple.

It was also about President Paul Biya, Fon of Fons back in the Land of Fons . On hand at the heliport with royal greeting were seven privileged Fons of the North West ( Mankon, Bafut, Bali Nyongha, Nso, Kom and Bangolan). President Paul Biya had just arrived a Region at peace with itself with sons and daughters mobilized to make his stay hitch-free. Among the few privileged to welcome the President on arrival were four CPDM and SDF MPs (Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, Joseph Banadzem, Nji Fidelis and Awudu Mbaya). Back at the ceremonial ground, the 1st Lady and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Madam Chantal Biya stole the show on her arrival. A standing ovation took her to the grandstand with song and dance from the crowd in honour of the one who distinguishes as a veritable mother and a blessing for the underprivileged. Curtains dropped on day one of the visit with President Biya on virtually all lips for landmark messages in Bamenda.

Reactions North West Fons

Fon Aneng Francis, President General of North West Fon's Union:"We Thank The Head of State"

"As President General of North West Fon's Union, I am very happy and grateful to the Fon of Fons, Paul Biya, for this historic visit and the package he came along with. I mean the State University, Referral Hospital and the rest of the things he announced in his speech. He has done what we wanted and we are very happy and proud of him. People who doubted us should now take us serious for we know what is good for our region. We mobilised the population to come out as one for him, we have told him we are happy and are solidly behind him".

Fon Angwafor III of Mankon:"A Satisfying Visit"

"Nothing can be more satifying than a visit of this nature and the declarations the Head of State made. To have the university we have been longing for, promise of a Referral Hospital and that the ring road is still in the pipeline, cannot but be satifying to a traditional ruler like me. This will help our children who have until now been going to other regions to pursue higher education after advanced level, to school at home. Socially, the health of our children and wives is assured and economically, all the long distances we have been taking to other regions and Europe; renting houses, buying food and so on will be reduced. The cost of education will be lower and will be at the reach of everybody".

Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan:"We Have Been Humbled"

"The Head of State's visit to the North West Region is a historic one. First of all, choosing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country's armed forces in Bamenda was a breaking news in itself. But when he came and announced the creation of a State University, Referral Hospital and a series of things that will be done for the North West Region, we feel highly humbled. We have been crying for a State University. It has come. Our children will no longer go elsewhere for education. They will remain here and study and that will reduce the cost".

Fon Sientieh II of Oku: "We're Fulfilled"

"I am very satified with the visit of the Head of State to our region. I very much appreciate the declaration, especially his promise of the creation of a State University. A State University in this region will bring education closer to the population and people who could not, because of the cost of lodging in other regions, sent their children to school, will have the opportunity to do so this time around. Talking about the Referral Hospital, I think, it is a good gift because health is the first thing one needs. We are fulfilled with his visit and we wish to say thank you to the Presidential couple for these gifts".

Chief Tabetando of the Bachuo-Ntai, South West Region: "President Paul Biya Has Done It"

"I am not of the North West Region but a Cameroonian and I stand for national unity, national integration and national development. I am in for the policies of the Head of Staten and of course he has done it. He has shown that he is not only for Bamenda people, that he is for the whole nation and that he wants equal development in all aspects; villages, towns, cities and regions and that is what he has done. We are grateful for him and we cannot but salute his efforts to speed up national development and transform our economy into an emerging one".

Sehm Mbinglo II of Nso: "Wonderful Gift of a University"

"I am overwhelmed with joy and I can't pretend. It's a success story. The Head of State has done it all. I remember his wonderful gift of the University and the promise of a Referral hospital etc. He has met our aspirations and affirms that the North West is his second home. That is just the conclusion that he is the Fon of Fons. Thank you Mr President, we wish you well in all your endeavours".

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