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One more time, I introduce you to the secrets which surround my publications, my mood and the work which I intend to build, throughout my life, in junction naturally perfect, with my objective, which remains intact. This shutter(sector) 3 was drafted in the year 2007. Where is the justice, otherwise where is the state? My God’s blood, where are we on the earth(ground)?



To bring in here we are of full foot logically after the trilogy  » Guinea which future « , that I decided to propose for the appreciation of some and the others. And to offer scoop to my readers and readers, while watching the exclusivity and counter in any injurious attempt, stain to read what follows:
The attempt of reaffirmation of the fundamental principles of a coherent management of the economic structures enter the will to abdicate some and, the search(research) for the political stability and for the revival under all its forms, for the others, the introductory phase of third shutters(sectors) of  » Guinea which future « , again comes to settle(arise), as a prospective of the political, economic and social arena, by disposing can be the classic principles on the subject, but while positioning as a footbridge between the rationality and the impartiality.
From this point of view, she(it) articulates autours of a certain number of concerns(preoccupations) stimulating her(its) elaboration, namely:
Break with the concern(marigold) of a marginal analysis, if there is league and to offer new margins of economic, political and social prospecting,
Lay bare(Strip) the disparities and the dysfunctions revealed in the previous shutters(sectors), but not clarified in thematic size(format), such as:
- the notion of continuity of the state,
- the transfer(transformation) under all its forms,
- the restoration(catering) of the brand image of the state,
- the golden age of the economic thought in the process of development of nations.
Beyond any extrapolation inequitably uttered towards him/her by those for whom the nature of the political evolution comes down to a view(sight) too much centred on the local aggregates, a superiority granted(tuned) to the nationalism, to the egocentricity, to the inking of the values in the model of tempestuous past, the work tries(tempts) with surge to ally the present and the past crowned with a future vision of the fact that could be the future just like the present and of past.
This effort of éffreinée junction, is nothing else than the will to kiss(embrace) all the factors(mailmen) which can arouse a so tiny explanation whether it is the political lethargy and the economic slump. By knowing besides that the specificity of the analysis that must ensue from it and the clarity(brightness) of the evaluation of the human potential, the first available wealth, the work lays the foundations for prospecting of the concepts necessary for the consolidation of the collective future.In spite of the orders and the assertions, she(it) makes his the domptrice virtue of the feelings and political, unfit tendencies generate the ideal henceforth collective of the change.
Without wanting to appropriate at once the monopoly of the intentions, as well as that of the art to restore better and favor the synergy of the ideas, the initiatives underlying the political action(share), her(it) wants as the statement of the odyssey of a new political vision and the energetic expression of an inflexible offensive to scrutinize the national political horizon and the economic environment staggering under the weight of the bliss of a neurotic ruling class by the luxury.

In any case, the current weft of the platform of demand of a more just order enters on one hand the various political sensitivities, and of the other one the various social constituents, can turn out concrete only if they articulate in any logic and in any objectivity on a permanent questioning Of the current approach of the difficulties, structural dysfunctions and proposed solutions, at the risk of being anachronistic, then that the configuration of the political, administrative, economic and social structures, besides the democratic immaturity of the people, offer no prospect(perspective) of effective adjustment of the initial objectives of development chosen. It’s as if we asked to change just a link of the chaine, so that she(it) finds all her(its) brightness, by forgetting can be that in the special case, it is all the chaine which requires a new equipment, a renewal, by extension a replacement.
More the splits(cleavages) of any orders fed by the decay and the most latent despair, the work tries to encircle with humility the vertiginous fall of the indicators of development, as well as it is on vacation to channel the aspiration Deep of well-being of the population in a pattern which requires or could require the attention of all.
Consequently(Accordingly), this wave of permanent contesting cannot be certainly considered as generator of a change comparable to a blow of magic wand, but it has the merit at the most to propose a new social model, a more modern political vision and an economic skeleton to fill the waits(expectations) and propose a management transparent and subjected to the influence of the foremost mechanisms, on the subject. As to reveal certainly without making it forcing attention, the coherence, the relevance and the indissociabilité of the characteristic social, political and economic parameters of the collective future. However staggering she can appear, the work gives for crédo to exceed the frame(executive) of the subjectivity and to incite to a bigger consideration of the extra-administrative reflections in the daily action(share) of reorientation of the directives Piece of news(Short story), a new modus operandi of the big orientations of general politics(policy), a new vision and a dynamics which breaks with the disuse. By joining under the seal of a new optics, she(it) sets the heart of the political and economic litany on the incapacity to cultivate the perfection and a dynamics convenient to the realization of the ideal collective. From this point of view, she(it) sets in motion the substrata of the intellectual cogitation in replacement in the devastating consequences generated by the political imbroglio and the evil to be deep of a population in perpetual wandering enters the éffreinée collection(quest) to be best and the auscultation of a totalitarian drift, I cross(spend) it. The evocation of the revival becomes then the priesthood of the most virulent, however, it does not mean that she allows to impose a severe corrective to the modes(fashions) of current management. From there to sadden the most sceptical as we would dream about it, she(it) meets confined(quartered) in the logic of the trivialized and extra servitude Apparently, it seems that we never managed at a point of so pressing, pressing necessity to refer to the genius(engineering) of some and the others in the optics of a reshaping of the objectives in sight and the surge under all its forms there. Ah! Between the tragedy, the drama, the tortured, the daily tired Calvary of a population and the wealthiness in which the ruling class lives its life, the questions and the questioning will have stopped calling to the collective consciousness, while inciting in eternal one dedication for the triumph all azimuth of the ideal collective of progress.

Besides, the culture of the compromise becomes an indispensable pattern to give a sense(direction) and a contents to the concept of sustainable development. It is true all the more as it would be impossible to give a real sat(based) to the civil society(non-trading company) in the political scene by taking into account its vocation of one of the inescapable(major) pillars(props) of the consolidation of the collective future, as well as in so much That alternative escaping any partisan influence. The collective future is printed in it in only and unchanging motive that the constituent criteria of the IDH cannot extract, where from an absolute necessity of using(wearing out) the capacity of anticipation, even if the nature of the current data does not lend itself to it forcing. By adjoining the convergent positions to those divergent, we end necessarily in a shape of synergy innovative can be unusual, towards the political culture and towards the level of maturity, but enough to face the major challenges. So the nature of the difficulties will see scrutinizing in a most sensible and the least destructive way existing experiences. From there, we dip back into a margin of perfect illustration of the characteristics of the underdevelopment it in spite of the innéisme and the obscurantism who(which) characterized, always the auscultation of the social rumbling discontent and the political bustles. Reason for which,  » Guinea which future  » getting out Exempting of any ostracism, incite to the political revival, to the new methodology in the art to govern, to manage in deep contract with the new requirements of political and democratic freedom, a healthy management of the public deniers, the subscription in the political alternation and its acceptance as the security and the dynamics of the democratic surge. By top everything, the cooptation of the news(short stories) looks political and economic could to her determine only the nature of the chosen future and why not him to confer a particular brightness. As to evade certainly the negative aspects and négativisant, to allow the emergence of a common platform of stratification of the objectives underlying the realization of the collective dream, for those who obviously grant on it, I want to hint at the well-being which is substantially translated by the economic prosperity, the political stability and the more just social order, by extension more in compliance with the aspiration More in compliance with the superior aspiration of the nation in what she(it) has of quicker to favor the desire to adhere(subscribe) to it…

This desire of membership(support) so destitute as he can appear follows up two opposite, but illustrative enough explanations of the nature of the balance of power which regulate the political scene and or determine mostly the future of political formations. To seem more coherent, it is necessary to recognize that in Guinea, the desire of membership(support) is not in itself even a fundamental datum when it is about governmental actions(shares), because the political culture to there set in motion proceeds of a bad junction between a heap of generally accepted ideas and the abrupt(steep) culture and blinds(fills) doctrines in partial break with the requirements of result(profit) of moment, while in contrast, the necessity of difference maintained by the trends(tendencies) which we can qualify as opposition has difficulty in generating all the energies and all the heats indispensable to the realization Of his(her,its) objectives, while the persuasion, the credibility, the bet of the earnings(gain), the commitment towards the questioned balance sheet(assessment), are widely or seem in the service of a sure, justified and cumulative membership(support) of the lifeblood of the nation.
This recurring paradox allows roughly to raise the veil on the darkest face of the acceptance of the political pluralism, its influence and its impact in report(relationship) completed with the collective future, where from irrevocable question of the adaptability of the democracy, by extension its universality. Then, enter the notion of democracy as culture and values which acquire themselves through the practice and the time(weather) on one hand and of the other one, the influences of the commercial, economic and cultural doctrines which make cramped his(her,its) adaptability, comes to light a real intellectual field of exploration inclined to the hatching of the innovative ideas. From there, to annul the possibilities of crack of the social fabric becomes careless and opposes even in she(it) Fundamental of the democracy, from the moment when their implanting turns out crescendo.

The transcendence of the fundamental principles of the democracy on the partisan influences and the practices which cling to it test severely the most reactionary and the most vile conceptions skilfully finalized(worked out) to undermine all the good works tending to heighten the level of democratic maturity, even if certain convergence of view(sight) lets glimpse the irreversibility of specificities that must underlie the institution and the consolidation of the democracy in certain parts of the country.
Having said that, labor disputes and political bustles follow upon the exhaustion of any attempt of dishonest compromise, social dialog and generalized faintness(malaise). These conflicts, bustles and faintness(malaises) join the logic of the incapacity of Some and the others in if automobile to be enough and translate in broad outline the political decay, the economic slump and the unchanging vocation in the survival. So by blocking the realization of the objectives contributing(competing) to the general well-being, we open in a first phase a breach aiming at the survival and when the breach aiming at the survival sees itself blocked, we attend inevitably sporadic reactionnary surges which eventually train(form) compost of contesting permanemment strengthened, revived and subject to the popular membership(support) as long as they reflect the profound inhalation(pursuit) of those who adhere to it.
Besides, the nature of social relationships takes a serious blow and contributes to give substance and life to the enigma which establishes(constitutes) the realization of the objectives of development. As such, the only solution which costs is to restore a new life in the collective fate and to do it, the revival remains disproportionate.

This revival which the intellectual and political elite eventually made apparently its usual political crédo, comes to appoint in supplement in a new shape of expression of the desire of progress, that contigüe in the inhalation(pursuit) in the material well-being, quite as another shape of clarification allowing to rerelease the dichotomy can be doctrinal, but not clarified between the reformism and the radical transformation(processing) of the structures. From this point of view, a fundamental, revealing question of another political radius of action, new scientific approach and
Technocratic, to see a new political doctrine appears or is spirit to be born. This doctrine that I can call(mention)  » the radical reformism  » in reference to the progressive disappearance of the systems of economy centralized and the breathlessness of most of the liberal doctrines, will be the object of a later study.
Having said that, a recurring question because always of revinet current events ceaselessly in the forward-looking and coherent analysis of the political and socioeconomic armature, articulating as follows:
How to choose the happy medium between the pressing necessity of satisfaction of the needs of the population and the constraints bound(connected) to the international economic situation, the rarity of the renewable resources and a strategic management of the collective future?
Such will be one of the spots in which the third shutter(sector) of  » Guinea which future  » attèlera to make always more alive the collection(quest) how many times unchanging of the well-being under all its forms. This collection(quest) which articulates around the fundamental criteria of the political aggregate modulated according to the new requirements, the cultural specificities and the legal rules Universal ², branches out in an explanation in the highlight of the market fluctuations, the decline or the surge(flight) of the price(prize) of raw materials, an attempt of explanation of the ascent of the curve of the debts, the revaluation if possible of the monetary aggregates, the sketch of a new monetary policy etc. in perfect report(relationship) with the inflation, its additional impact and its real cost on all the economic phenomena and the monetary processes…
Towards the general concept, the highlighted difficulties and of unchanging vocation to scrutinize the aggregates which can allow the consolidation of the collective future, the work wants a pattern of clarification of the characteristic concepts of a coherent management and a carrier of economic growth for the state. Having said that, the notion of continuity of the state stands out as one of the impassable conditions for the realization of the ideal collective of progress and development. For the simple fact that the current nature of the evolution of Guinea proves, we cannot any more in a eloquent way, the fatal effect of her(it) Discontinuity of flat train(form) of public politics(policy), even if the continuity of the state is not a logic in itself, or would not know how to be absolutely envisaged in the measure or the bait(onset) of the process of political evolution of the formerly colonized countries, was hindered in this time(period) by the existence of two antagonistic blocks on an international scale. These two blocks which knew how to exploit(run) each according to its interests, the process of decolonization, printed and feed the sporadic stand of countries recently independent because of their economic power and of their strategic position on the international chessboard. So, the attempt of explanation of the change of political option of Guinea can be envisaged at once(at the same time) according to two aspects:
The first one who wants the translation of a deep inhalation(pursuit) to take in in hand its own fate, the acquisition of the political sovereignty, the desire to free(frank) itself from a foreign dominion and the second as a logic emanating from the history(story), from the evolution in its successive stages.


Indeed, the evolution of Guinea lets glimpse several influences, which have Contributed, to forge his(her,its) fate in a logic which makes her(it) specific just like the other formerly colonized countries. These influences often fed by a surge eminently revived against the colonial practices, this afternoon carried(worn) by a will to strengthen its future, will collide with an interweaving of aspects at once convenient to the self-management and annulling the consequences of the break with the colonizer on one hand, and the other one, the inclination of a nation to channel sound Creative energy, to enjoy its potentialities, to perpetuate his(her,its) history(story) meadow colonial made by glory, by reference through a resistance been incensed in front of the colonial intervention and remain a pioneer of the movement of non-alignment and the decolonization.
Runner, if we can define, a state as a human grouping fixed to a definite territory, subjected to the same authority, it is obvious that Guinea quite as all the countries having been colonized, do not obey the plan of classic evolution listed as such, what means that if Guinea was an entity established(constituted) on the base of microphone(microcomputing) states, regional entities following the destruction of the big empires and the kingdoms of western Africa, it was disorientated after the colonial conquest, the conference of Berlin and placed under
A supervision(guardianship) which will determine mostly its political future, that of its administrative, social and economic structures while favoring the emergence of political formations which will be filled up with aggregates unfit of strengthening their future, reason for which the fights of leadership and political hegemony for their representativeness within the French National Assembly of 1946 and plutard during the entry in the political sovereignty, will make some blood pour(sink) and re-appear the premises of a future which would turn out tempestuous, tragic, chaotic,Disastrous, I cross(spend) it….


Apparently and by virtue of the analysis of the historic facts, the pre-colonial entities (kingdoms, empires), even if in certain places, we assisted the birth of states, or at least, their existence under a shape which we can call(mention) X ( Fouta Djallon), can be described according to the only criteria Of the universal meaning of a word of the notion of state, compared with the state colonial comment which was set up in the exclusive purpose to reproduce the system of administration of the colonizing country. From this point of view, the pre-colonial state pays attention to it, structures of the state colonial comment, or at least, he would know how to exist only a tiny resemblance, then that the change of legal status took place by no means through a qualitative transformation(processing) of the political institutions, while forgetting not that this change of legal status came along with a total questioning, quite as with a renunciation some time violent of the African knowledge on the subject.
At the most, according to in the searches(researches) for certain eminent African thinkers, who related at the conclusion of their research works, oppressive proofs
From the existence of states to the forms of advanced organizations, in the administrative structures arousing the greed of the invader. These works which come to fustigate the theories according to which Africa would be only a heap of the western civilization, train(form) the skeleton of the movement of demand and appreciation of the African cultural identity. Is not it because Levy B, who was nevertheless an eminent anthropologist, said, I quote  » that the African mentality is primitive and prelogical « ?.
Runner, we notice in the pre-colonial entities, a superiority of the traditional chieftainships, kings and emperors, often surrounded with a middle school(college) of wise men or councillors(advisers), so as to glorify the corporatism of decision-making, which the others will indicate(appoint) certainly as the premises of a shape firstly of division(sharing) of power, democracy, social dialog. Whereas, the state colonial comment, disregards him(her) of these look and was categorically restructured Just like the administrative structures of the colonists, in such teach that the only level of subsistence of the vestiges of the pre-colonial state, will remain the posts(post offices) of head of canton bequeathed to the traditional chieftainship, we could so say.
So by trying to adjoin the characteristic aspects of the pre-colonial entities to those colonial, we end in the conclusion according to which, the current political drift, the democratic immaturity and the economic slump find a part of their explanation in the passage of the status of pre-colonial entity to that colonial, taken on an aura, of the transposition of organizations formerly Regional and ethnic in the structures of the new political parties, which will quarrel the altar of the first electoral jousts comment-independents, where from the birth of the correlation enters representativeness ethnic and tribal politics(policy) – origin.
This little laudatory fact which continues to mine(undermine) the political existence of a nation so young as ours, will supply the aggregates of a synthetic and detailed study of The gestation of all the forms of political thoughts which will come to cling to the future of the nation, by knowing that the transposition badly took place, by the irrefutable fact of the colonial dominion.
To follow….

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