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Premières images de Port Royale 3

Publié le 03 août 2011 par Cyberstratege

Tortuga 3

Kalypso Media vient de dévoiler que Port Royale 3 est en chantier. Développé par son studio Gaming Minds, ce jeu de stratégie / gestion vous enverra dans les Caraïbes au 17ème siècle. Vous y incarnerez un jeune capitaine cherchant fortune dans les colonies, au milieu des rivalités entre les puissances coloniales de l’époque (France, Espagne, Hollande et Angleterre). Le jeu proposera trois voies différentes (aventurier / pirate, merchant, et un mélange des deux précédentes), des batailles navales, des mécanismes approfondis simulant le commerce maritime ainsi qu’un mode multijoueur. Voici pour accompagner cette annonce les deux premières captures d’écrans de Port Royale 3.

Sortie prévue durant le second trimestre 2012.


Port Royale 3
Port Royale 3



Conquest of the Colonies Begins as Kalypso Announces « Port Royale 3″

Ridgewood, NJ, August 2, 2011 – Kalypso Media is inviting gamers to take to the high seas for an exciting journey of discovery, trading and piracy with the announcement of Port Royale 3, the next in the series of hugely successful economic simulation games. Port Royale 3 will take players on a grand adventure where they can play as a heroic captain, villainous brigand or savvy merchantman. The game is currently in development by Kalypso Media’s own internal studio, Gaming Minds, and is scheduled for release in Q2 2012 for Windows PC and next generation consoles.

The first playable version of Port Royale 3 will be available on the Kalypso Media stand at Gamescom Hall 6 A19.

In Port Royale 3, players will embark upon an epic adventure through the Caribbean during the turbulent 17th century where the naval powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands all fight for supremacy in the colonies. Players take on the role of a young captain trying to build his fortune and reputation in the new world colonies. The campaign consists of two different paths for the young protagonist to follow: adventurer and trader.

Following the path of the adventurer will lead the player on a naval conquest where they must gain notoriety through raids, piracy, bounty hunting, plundering and conquering cities as they strive to build their new Caribbean empire.

The route of the trader sees the player using their economic know-how to become the most powerful trading tycoon in the New World by setting up trade routes, building production facilities and developing cites.

In free-play mode, the player crafts a combination of the two paths, creating a unique and challenging scenario on the path to increase wealth and power.

In addition to the single-player campaign, there are robust multiplayer modes where players can go head-to-head using commercial, economic and conquest simulations to allow for fast-paced gameplay.

Features of Port Royale 3:

Three paths to glory and fame – choose the role of adventurer/pirate, merchant or a combination of both
Exciting naval battles, coastal city sieges, raids and plunder await the adventurous player, while untold riches, power and glory await the more mercantile-oriented player
Multiplayer play
A deep economic simulation engine ensures a realistic trading experience
Real-world locations will immerse the player in the 17th century Caribbean

About The Kalypso Media Group

Founded in 2006 in Germany by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, Kalypso Media is a global, independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software that employs nearly 100 video game industry experts world-wide.

Along with Headquarters in Worms, Germany, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Kalypso Media also enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. Subsidiary, and owns three development studios – Realmforge Studios GmbH, Gaming Minds Studios GmbH and Noumena Studios GmbH – and works with multiple leading independent developers.

Kalypso Media‘s recent titles include Tropico 3 and The First Templar for Xbox 360 and PC, Disciples III: Renaissance and Dungeons for Windows PC. Upcoming titles include Tropico 4, Airline Tycoon 2, Demonicon and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Further information about Kalypso Media is available at

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