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SC WWII Global Conflict 1.05, Elemental 1.4, MoW Vietnam 1, MoW Assault Squad 6, Making History 2 1.24

Publié le 29 septembre 2011 par Cyberstratege

Strategic Command: WWII Global Conflict 1.05


- fixed a Carrier ‘Escort’ bug that incorrectly allowed Carriers to escort more than two times (Baron)
- fixed an Email/Network replay error that caused a CTD (Amadeus)
- fixed an error that allowed Carriers to reinforce/upgrade after it has been used to ‘escort’ (Catacol)
- air units can now move at 50% of available action points when located on a snow, rain and sandstorm tile (Al)
- movement path is now highlighted under friendly units to show the full reach of a moveable unit (Lettowvorbeck)
- operational movement highlights will now also highlight underneath existing units to indicate that these positions would be reachable if the existing unit were to subsequently move (Sharkman)


- amended the Turkish MOBILIZATION#2 events that look for Allied weakness in the Middle East to look beyond the capital cities (Bill R.)
- added a MOBILIZATION#2 event to increase US mobilization from Axis advancements into southern Africa
- moved the 1st Turkish Army into Ankara with entrenchment = 2 and placed the Turkish Altay HQ northeast of Ankara at tile 102,23
- Swedish 1st Army in Stockholm now starts with experience = 1 and an entrenchment = 3
- Swedish 2nd Army starts with experience = 1 and the Swedish 1st RSAF now starts at strength = 8
- Soviet Army, Corps and Fighter added to the P/Q and set to arrive in September 1941, March 1942, May 1942 respectively
- US Army added to the P/Q and set to arrive in May 1942
- UK Army and Tactical Bomber added to the P/Q and set to arrive in June 1943
- US now starts with 1 chit in Motorization, Infrastructure and Production Technology
- USSR now starts with an Industrial Modifier of 75% up from 65%
- UK DE 100 for Vichy France is now only 300 MPPs and at 50 MPP for 6 turns
- Italian units now start entrenched in all cities at 4 and coastal units at 2

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Elemental: War of Magic 1.4

+ Max army size reduced from 12 to 6 units
+ Tech multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.3 (faster research)
+ Higher level monsters will spawn later in the game no matter what
+ AI smarter about targeting in tactical battles (not always the « toughest » unit)
+ AI more generous about imbuing their champions
+ AI more likely to choose guardians on city upgrades
+ Fixed bug that resulted in the AI not reliably learning higher level spells
+ AI more greedy when demanding tribute
+ Fixed bug from 1.4 beta 1 that caused units not to automove.
+ Fixed bug where if the AI hated everyone they would still say they’re handing their kingdom over to (blank)
+ City Hubs store more population
+ City Hubs provide less zone of control by default
+ Increased # of turns on many improvements from 1 turn to 3 turns
+ Embassies are no longer an unlimited improvement
+ Fixed strange noises quest to have an illustration
+ Fixed the train unit window UI where the unit costs were messed up
+ Named the dog unit’s default name from « dog » to « Annie » in honor of Paul Boyer’s dog (the dog is visually based on Annie)
+ New title logo
+ Vastly reduced the cost of a non-aggression pack
+ Teleport spell cost increased from 40 mana to 250 mana
+ New flavor text added
+ Reduced the value of monuments to the AI
+ City Guardian units buffed. They’re much more powerful now, correspond with city level

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Men of War: Vietnam #1

This patch eliminates the de-sync issues some players reported while playing between standard and special editions of the game, additionaly it unlocks US campaign from the start so you can play it without completing the North Vietnam campaign first.

WARNING: Saves created during missions will become obsolete, but already completed missions will stay completed. Because of this, please finish the mission in progress before installing this fix.

This patch can be installed on any english version of the game – digital or DVD, Special Edition or standard.

Changes in this patch:

– Synchronization of various versions in multiplayer
– Campaign for USA available from the start
– Errors in unit names fixed

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Men of War: Assault Squad #6

General Updates

• Added ISU 122
• Added PPSH41
• Added M50 Reising
• Added Lewis Gun
• Added Type99 at-rifle grenade dispenser
• Added Type99 at-rifle grenade
• Added Satchel Charge
• Added HDM OSS pistol
• Added new ISU-152 3d model
• Added new grenade F1 3d model
• Added new grenade M24 3d model
• Added new grenade M24x4 3d model
• Added new grenade M39 3d model
• Added new grenade M61 3d model
• Added new grenade MK I 3d model
• Added new grenade N73AT 3d model
• Added new grenade PWM 1 3d model
• Added new grenade RGD33X3 3d model
• Added new grenade RPG40 3d model
• Added new grenade RPG43 3d model
• Added new grenade Type 4AT 3d model
• Added new grenade Type 3AT 3d model
• Added new grenade Type97 3d model
• Added new grenade Type99 3d model
• Added new grenade Type99 Magnetic AT 3d model
• Added new grenade Smoke 3d model
• Added new grenade Molotov 3d model
• Added new Dynamite 3d model
• Added new Medkit 3d model
• Added new Bandage 3d model
• Added new Sandbags inventory 3d model
• Added new Allied flamethrower 3d model
• Added new Axis flamethrower 3d model
• Added new at-mines 3d model
• Added new ap-mines 3d model
• Added new body armor 3d model
• Added orientation points on the minimap
• Added highlight of selected units on the minimap
• Added tracer display on minimap to follow engagements easier
• Added updated unit icons to fit new inventory items
• Added accuracy boost on bazookas when shooting at same location multiple times
• Added new camera move functions (use direct control movement keys when direct control is disabled to move camera)
• Added the option to set camera rotate button
• Added additional Mouse button support
• Added new mgun sounds
• Added new smg sounds
• Added shell fx to all small arms
• Added unit is repairing marker
• Added unit collected ammo marker
• Added user keys setting obsolete protection
• Added new portrait icons
• Changed fortifications of HMGs
• Changed US Sappers to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
• Changed US At-miners to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
• Changed US AP-miners to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
• Changed Soviet Sappers to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
• Changed Soviet At-miners to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
• Changed Soviet AP-miners to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
• Changed dynamite to explode when hit by an explosion
• Changed support infantry to have SMG unit icons not bazooka/at-rifle/flamer etc.
• Changed some infantry icon hierarchy settings
• Changed single units to have a health icon display on the left interface
• Changed color of health icons
• Changed penetration values of at-rifles to be more streamlined
• Changed enter-able sewers to be open on start
• Changed US airborne to carry satchel charge instead of dynamite
• Changed Soviet tank commander to carry ppsh41 instead of pps43
• Changed flamethrower effect to be less hardware demanding
• Changed unit icon hierarchy for better interface layout
• Changed riflemen to carry additional 50 mgun ammo
• Changed elite infantry grenades to be more balanced
• Changed unit group colors
• Changed projectiles to disappear much later than before
• Changed AT-grenades to blow up when getting hit by another explosive
• Changed bloom slicer to on/off box
• Changed flare gun to require radio
• Changed inventory of scouts
• Changed hedgehogs to be placed closer to each other
• Changed direct control modifier key to be assignable
• Changed inventory of regular squad leader
• Changed inventory of assault squad leader
• Changed a few ground hit effects to be less system demanding
• Changed reload sound of single bullet at-rifles
• Changed Royal engineers to carry M50 Reising
• Increased ammo of all mgunners to 900
• Increased speed of unarmed gun-carriers from 18km/h to 20km/h
• Increased speed of armed gun-carriers from 15km/h to 18km/h
• Increased speed of Black Prince from 11 km/h to 13 km/h
• Increased speed of Churchill AVRE from 12 km/h to 13 km/h
• Increased explosion timer of dynamite from 6 sec to 7 sec
• Increased uncover radius of officer binoculars
• Increased heavy ammo call-ins of officer from 1 to 5
• Increased sandbags build time from 10 sec to 15 sec
• Increased range of at-jeep from 30m to 40m
• Increased amount of ap mines of engineer trucks from 30 to 60
• Increased accuracy of all light howitzers (75mm)
• Increased penetration of M3 Grant
• Increased penetration of Chaffee
• Reduced HE shells of all at-guns to 5
• Reduced DShk rotation speed
• Removed AI shooting at unknown
• Removed inventory of basic crates
• Removed inventory of stuff crates
• Removed ability of nettings to fetch grenades
• Removed flare gun from officers
• Removed flare gun from scouts
• Removed shields from KV-1
• Removed camouflage skin of T-34-57
• Removed unnecessary key bindings in options (it’s recommended to reset key bindings)
• Removed enforced stationary firing on isuzu mortar truck
• Fixed active mines not showing up as such
• Fixed royal engineers icons
• Fixed rotating of M30 howitzer
• Fixed rotating of HMGs
• Fixed M19 turret volumes
• Fixed the loading of APCR when using the interface to switch
• Fixed missing sound of flare gun
• Fixed damage display of stationary 61k AA gun
• Fixed Oerlikons inability to shoot at planes
• Fixed a buggy human model volume
• Fixed dynamite not burning when thrown
• Fixed M12 GMC max range
• Fixed close firing range of KV-1
• Fixed an issue that 3, 5, 7 etc. clicks were not counted as double click
• Fixed unsmooth camera movement with keyboard
• Fixed range display of Panzerfaust
• Fixed inability to repair M4A3R2 Croc main gun
• Fixed an incorrect bump path for Hummel XX
• Fixed small texture error on Bedford engineer truck
• Fixed missing muzzle effect for Type 4 75mm AA
• Fixed missing reload sound of DS39
• Fixed some potential crash causes

Multiplayer updates

• Added unit score display to Assault Zones (Hover mouse over unit and press Shift)
• Added display of friends and foes in multiplayer lobby
• Added ranked trust rating to multiplayer (gold = good, silver = ok, red = bad, grey = unranked)
• Added ranked balance protection
• Added display of player numbers in team games
• Added display of total online users
• Added chat spam protection
• Added multiplayer pointer spam protection
• Added special units call in groups (buying one resets timer of group members)
• Added new icons displaying special unit groups
• Added AT-riflegrenade squad as Japanese special unit call-in
• Added chat team/global function
• Changed HMGs to have double price in « no tanks » mode
• Changed Jeeps to have double price in « no tanks » mode
• Changed unit points to display real value more accurately
• Changed Isuzu Mortar truck special unit call-in to a regular unit
• Changed units to spawn as squad no matter the size in multiplayer
• Changed heavy AA guns to be limited 1 per player
• Changed trains on Lakeland 4v4 for better balance
• Increased points per flag on frontlines from 250 to 500 and 500 to 1000
• Increased recall timer of HMGs from 120 sec to 300 sec
• Increased re-call timer of light AAs from 120 sec to 300 sec
• Increased re-call timer of mortars from 120 sec to 300 sec
• Increased price of officer from 160 MP to 200 MP
• Increased CP of scouts from 5 CP to 8 CP
• Increased CP of radioman from 6 CP to 10 CP
• Increased CP of flamer squad from 5 CP to 6 CP
• Increased price of Oerlikon from 160 MP to 170 MP
• Increased price of IS-3 from 2000 MP to 2200 MP
• Reduced Goliath special points from 2 to 1
• Reduced CP usage of Charge! special attack
• Reduced Charge! special points from 3 to 2
• Reduced price of KV-1 from 550 MP to 500 MP
• Reduced price of T-34-57 from 550 MP to 500 MP
• Reduced price of At-Jeep from 160 MP to 150 MP
• Removed maxim from Charge! special attack
• Fixed ranked match box overlapping with password confirmation
• Fixed points display of support weapons in « no tanks » mode
• Fixed some wrong unit points
• Fixed minimap of 3v3 Crossing
• Fixed a bug with Goliath explosion during spawn protection
• Fixed that you could add a friend to blocked and vice versa
• Fixed multiplayer pointer sound to no longer appear for the other team
• Fixed small map issues
• Fixed camera boundaries in Day of Victory

Skirmish updates

• Added a bleeding out feature so knocked out soldiers die after a while when not revived
• Added unit is bleeding out marker
• Changed medic to carry a single morphine kit
• Changed destroyed units to disappear earlier in order to increase performance on long lasting skirmishes
• Changed KV2 to ISU122 in defence skirmish
• Fixed edifices on [Japan] Okinawa
• Fixed some wrong inventories
• Fixed some vehicle crews weapon animations in defence skirmish
• Fixed some water display in defence skirmish
• Fixed small map issues
• Fixed some broken passenger seats

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Making History 2: The War of the World 1.24

New Features
- Added support for Mac OSX
- Significantly improved performance
- Reduced startup time
- Improved frame rate, especially on lower end computers
- Significantly reduced memory footprint of game
- Medical Centers now give a 10% bonus to MPU production in the regions they are in
- Brand new manual with much more information
- Add support for renaming your nation, alliance, puppets, and cities
- Add support for renaming regions and colonies
- Improved Difficulty Level behavior
- Save user notification popup settings (in and across games)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that was causing the amphibious landing penalty not to be applied
- Eject fleets from enemy ports when war is declared
- Liberate Nation now grants the liberator military access
- Fixed a bug that could cause units to get stuck if the transport they are trying to board gets destroyed

- Add missing space to Trade Cost and Trade Revenue strings in Trade Deals tab
- Fix sorting of fleets by speed in Military panel
- Fixed bug that cause RC « Select Nation » to fail if the selected object was a UnitGroup
- Improved performance of City/Region list panel
- Fixed bug with canceling unit rename
- Only display order details (destination, turns to destination) for owned or allied unit groups
- Don’t show stack indicator for hidden submarine groups
- Fix error in calculating MPUs in Ideology tab
- Improved responsiveness of Government, Research, City & Region Management, and Diplomacy panels
- Modified tooltip for region decal
- Fix missing right click menu text for retreat case

- Improved behavior when moving units between land masses (should fix units stuck on islands behavior)
- Improve handling of case where AI was not able to split some navy units
- Fix bug in CMLONationMilitaryAI where they could create duplicate CMLOAIMilitaryPlanReturnToPort or CMLOAIMilitaryPlanAirSupport goals after loading a save
- More improvements to war declaration logic
- Improved AI production logic
- Fixed error where AI was not taking wars/embargoes into account when dealing with the World Market
- Fix bug where AI would not stop bombing regions taken over by allies
- Improved logic for creating Peace Treaty proposals
- Fixed bug in treaty term evaluation

- Change number suffixes in German to always be « . »
- Changed PT Boats category from Destroyers to Patrols
- Removed UnitCapDetectSubmersibles from Torpedo Boat Destroyers and Corvettes
- Added UnitCapCriticalHit to PT Boats
- Changed Frigate Naming Class from Cruisers to Destroyers
- Added UnitCapDetectSubmersibles to Frigates
- Fix Ideologies for Nicaragua and South Africa not adding up to 100% (all scenarios)
- Fix 3D models for special infantry for Bantu, Brazilian, East-African, Greek, Lithuanian, MalayoIndonesian, MalayoPolynesian, Saharan, and West-African
- Fix Infrastructure, Land Attack, and Land Defense properties for Basic Naval Bombers
- Adjust properties on the Destroyer track
- Updated Encyclopedia entries for Units and Region Projects
- Change Speed for Light Carrier from 2100 to 2800

- Removed support for converting saved games from game versions prior to 1.0.19
- Fixed bug that would not set the save and mod directories if the update installer was run when they weren’t already set
- Fix bug that caused the Mac version not to start if the path to the game contained a space
- Change to run client and server in the same process by default (Set Client Process option to true if your computer is running out of virtual memory playing the game)

- Update mod templates to work with game changes

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