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Dj M-Rock - Beastie Boys Tribute 4 MCA [Tape]

Publié le 13 mai 2012 par Hiphop4ever


Une semaine après la disparition d’un des grand Monsieur / MC du rap US : MCA nous vous proposons une tape en hommage de ce dernier : “The best of the Beastie Boys” mixée par Dj M-Rock. Télécharger la tape >ICI<


  1. M-Rock’s Intro
  2. An Open Letter To Nyc
  3. Too Many Rappers ft. Nas
  4. B-Boys Makin’ With The Freak Freak
  5. Stick ‘Em Up w/Hurricane
  6. Rock Hard
  7. Paul Revere
  8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  9. Make Some Noise
  10. Sure Shot
  11. Root Down
  12. The New Style
  13. Let me clear my throat Bpm 103
  14. Hey Ladies
  15. Hey Ladies (Paul Nice Remix)
  16. Shake Your Rump
  17. Body Movin’
  18. Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In) by Moog Machine and Headless Heroes by Eugene McDaniels
  19. Get It Together ft. Q-Tip
  20. Danger – Blahzay Blahzay +
  21. Drop – The Pharcyde +
  22. Three MCs And One DJ (Live at MTV Awards 97′)
  23. Intergalactic (Live at MTV Awards 97′)
  24. Ch-Check it Out
  25. Brass Monkey
  26. Fight For Your Right
  27. Girls
  28. Rhymin & Stealin
  29. The New Style
  30. Slow And Low
  31. Pass The Mic
  32. Gratitude
  33. Sabotage
  34. So What’cha Want
  35. So Whatcha Want (Remix) ft. B-Real
  36. Ya Don’t Stop – The Beatnuts +
  37. Skills To Pay The Bills
  38. Jimmy James
  39. Alive

“(…)I read the MCA had passed, felt so sad but the hustler in me kept pushing my new tape. After a few hours, I realized promo-ing my shit was selfish, and had to look into maybe doing a best of beasties. It’s only right. Mixtapes come together well when you actually love the artist. RIP MCA aka Adam Yauch and much respect to the Beasties. They went from being the most offensive group when I was 2 feet tall to playing tonnes of instruments and having a long career. This group was old school when the word old school didn’t exist – messy but banging production, a tonne of samples, sillyness inserted everywhere, and lots of that old 70s funk. I’ve had little sleep over the past few days because I committed to getting this out, so I’m going to depart from paragraphs and go into bullets…brrrrap. Here’s a few highlights of the Beastie Boys …” Dj M-Rock

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