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After Dark Halloween Special at the Barbican

Publié le 27 octobre 2012 par Jess33 @JessSalaun

After Dark Halloween Special at the Barbican
Give in to temptation 
Slip into the shadows of the Barbican foyers with an evening of film, performance, art and music. 
· Slip through the walls in Oskar Chmioła's in stallation , let darkness engulf you and discover columns of lights and strange encounters.
· Dark, atmospheric, claustrophobic, poetic, shocking. Watch some of the darkest and most chilling animated films from theLondon International Animation Festival (LIAF) archive. The programme includes classics such as ‘The Cat with Hands’ – Robert Morgan, ‘The Wonder Hospital’ – Beomsik Shimbe Shim (Korea/USA) and ‘Stand Up’ – Joseph Pierce (UK) as well as several others from Poland, Chile, France, Japan and the UK. 
· Award-winning Canadian animator Patrick Jenkins leads a Halloween-based flipbook workshop with a chance to enter the LIAF Flipbook Animation Competition. 
· Have your portrait taken, along with another presence - invisible to the naked eye, in Dr Tim Mitchell's Spirit Photo Booth . Make up artists available for added effect. 
· Polish Goth stylist Jaga Hupalo and Karolina Noinska-Fender's video installation explores immortal beauty, gender ambiguity and solitude in fashion and art. 
· Summon the spirits in a sinister séance experience withProfessor Magos he brings spirits of the netherworld back to this realm, and guesses your darkest dreams and secrets.
· Werewolves, witches, zombies and vampires - have fascinated human beings everywhere and at all times. Talks uncovering the science of the malign and supernatural curated by The Skeptic magazine and input from the Welcome Trust. 
· Inspired by the fascinating and mysterious character of 'Baba Yaga' - a Hag who lives deep in the forest on a house which walks on chicken legs. Be mesemerised by the giant kaleidoscope as patterns are choreographed to an original soundtrack by AVIS COCKBILL & DAVID PARKER. 
· Kinbaku-Ki performance of extremes and contrasts in, the ancient art of Japanese bondage. Performed by Santiago. 

· Jacqueline Sobiszewski fictionalizes Nosferatu's inherent mystery through a series of photographic images. 
· Catch an impromptu dance performance, dedicated to the fading glamour of fashion, decadence and women in the spotlight. A taste of company Dante or Die's work La Fille à la Mode. 

· Jo Bannon’s “Exposure” is the beginning of an investigation into how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. This intimate one to one performance is a tender and tentative look into autobiography, asking how fully we can reveal ourselves - to ourselves, to another, with another.
· Haunting music from DJ Aridtrax (Vindicatrix) and DJ’s Dickie Dreams of Polish Dick 4 Dick. 

· Polish playwright and poet Szczepan Orłowski reacts to Edvard Munch's painting at the Tate Modern and muses on the vampiric lot. 
· Capture each others shadow with Simon Warner in this antique silhouette maker designed by Victorian physiognomist, J K Lavater. 
· Sip decadent blood red cocktails in our lounge bar 
· Dress to kill: black tie recommended 
· Spine tingling Halloween torch-lit tours:
Book early for our special late night Halloween backstage torch-lit tour of the Barbican. 
· Put the date in your diary: you can make a night of it and attend one of our films, theatre shows or concerts happening that evening too, such as Nosferatu and Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed

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