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Christos Anesti! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

Par Tweetybaby
Today was the end of the celebration of the Easter for the Orthodox, Greeks, Russians, etc... In Greece lots of people do the whole 41 days Lent, go to Church every Friday the Cheretizmi, go to Church on Thursday and on Good Friday we decorate the Epitaphio (the symbolic bier of Christ). On Saturday morning we go to Church without having drank or eaten anything and we take the holy Communion. Then most people will continue fasting until after midnight and the Resurrection. In my family, we break the fast and meet friends in a tea-room to have a good breakfast...
Then my mum goes back home to prepare the Magiritsa. The Magiritsa is a soup which contains lots of the offal of the Lamb that will be cooked on Sunday, so nothing is lost. My mum however, prepares a 'clean' Magirista. She prepares the broth using the head, neck, and when she finds it a foot or two. Ok I know this sound terrible, but well. Then she takes the meat part of the head and the neck of the lamb and cuts them in tiny parts, she adds to the the liver. She also puts a lot of spring onion, dill and cooks everything in the broth. Then she beats the eggs adding slowly the broth and then puts everything back together.
As we live in Switzerland, the Priest celebrates Easter at 11.00 pm in order to celebrate at the same time as in Greece. So around 10.30pm we go to Church. This is really a great celebration. They first turn of the lights and everybody holds an unlight candle and then the Holy Light comes slowly when everybody lights theirs candles. At this point the Church is full and there are even more people outside. At midight in Greece (11.00pm here) the Preist and start singing Christos Anestis (Christ has arisen) and everybody sings together. We then kiss and greet by saying Christos Anesti and the other person answer Alithos Anesti (Truly He has arisen).

It is the custom to carry the Eternal Flame home and use it to make the sign of the cross on the door frame in smoke. The smoke cross is left there throughout the year, symbolizing that the light of the Resurrection has blessed the home. The candles are used to light icon candelabra, and are put on the table for the midnight meal.
We then sit all together to crush our red eggs and eat the Magiritsa. On Saturday night for the Anastasi we were 12 to share this fantastic meal.
On Sunday morning, in Greece they prepare the barbecue to cook the lamb, with potatoes in the oven, a green salad seasoned with dill, spring onions, olive oil and some vinegar. or le. Here where I live, Greeks usually gather in a big place. Today, we had a plate of mezze for a start, then Lamb cooked in the oven with the potatoes, then they served us pieces of 2 lambs they cooked at the barbecues outside as the weather allowed it. We then had a ice cream and baklava. All this with live Greek music. It was a nice party. In Greece this will last until late at night, but then we do it at home and it's more confortable and very very noisy with all the family and friends gathering.
Christos Anesti! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!
Next year I'll have my mum at home to prepare her Magiritsa so that I can share here recipe with you. I'll also have my camera to take some pictures as I forgot it yesterday.

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