• Sole Meunière

    Sole Meunière

    Sole is one of my favourite fish. It's delicate and so good.For this recipe I used:1 sole fish approx. 300gr1 lemon5 branches parsley30 gr. Lire la suite

    Publié le 28 janvier 2010 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Kerala


    Here are some pictures of the fish I had in Kerala on my last trip a few weeks back. It was great and so delicious. I went to Fort Kochi for a couple of days an... Lire la suite

    Publié le 23 novembre 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Plum tart

    Plum tart

    Here is one of the favourite deserts in Switzerland at this time of the year. This is the easy way to do it :1 package of ready rolled short crust pastry1... Lire la suite

    Publié le 12 septembre 2009
  • Cod Fish Curry

    Fish Curry

    Today there a promotion on cod, fish and as my nutritionist strongly advised to eat healthy (or to try to) I bought a filet which was quite big, but then I won'... Lire la suite

  • Fera Fish

    Fera Fish

    On my way back from the office, I stopped at the super market, bought 2 mangoes, a few tomatoes, a cucumber, and then went to look at what was available at the... Lire la suite

    Publié le 07 mai 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • BloggerAid

    Today was a first for me. I had my first subscriber Ivy...I also wanted to share with you this very nice Greek proverb I received in my mail box from... Lire la suite

    Publié le 28 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Tuna Salad

    Tuna Salad

    Here is a light cool salad for Summer when it's hot, as a main dish or a side dish.1/2 cucumber2 gherkins1/2 onion1 tin tuna3 tbs capersbasilolive oil,... Lire la suite

    Publié le 24 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Christos Anesti! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

    Christos Anesti! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

    Today was the end of the celebration of the Easter for the Orthodox, Greeks, Russians, etc... In Greece lots of people do the whole 41 days Lent, go to Church... Lire la suite

    Publié le 19 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR,
  • Baked Chickpeas

    Baked Chickpeas

    I soaked my chickpeas in the morning without knowing how to cook them or what I really wanted. In the evening when I returned home late afternoon I googled a fe... Lire la suite

    Publié le 14 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

    Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

    Christian Orthodox (Greek, Russian, etc.) will celebrate Easter next week, for a start of an explanation click here. So this week for me is Lent, even if starte... Lire la suite

    Publié le 12 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Tarama


    , also called taramosalata (ταραμοσαλάτα) is a classic Greek mezze, especially during Lent. There two types the with or the pink fish eggs. The white one is... Lire la suite

    Publié le 10 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • A simple Salad

    simple Salad

    I know most of everybody is able to prepare a good salad, but this one is a simple one I really love...1 Oak leaf lettuce6 cherry tomatoes1 small... Lire la suite

    Publié le 03 avril 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Tzatziki


    1 strained Greek yoghurt (Fage Total 170gr.)1 piece of cucumber 1 garlic clove (you add more if you sleep alone or want to...)10 leaves fresh mint2 tbs olive... Lire la suite

    Publié le 27 mars 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Emincé de poulet au curry

    J'ai trouvé cette recette sur J'ai légèrement modifié la recette, car j'aime l'odeur... Lire la suite

    Publié le 24 mars 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Quiche au thon

    1 rouleau de pâte feuilletée abaissée4 œufs2 c.à.s. de parmesan1dl de crème fraiche1/2 oignon1 tomate3 c.à.s. de câpres1 boite de thon roseBattre les œufs avec... Lire la suite

    Publié le 22 février 2009 CUISINE, HUMEUR
  • Kourabiedes

    Les Kourabiedes sont des biscuits fait pendant les fêtes de fin d'année principalement. Ce biscuit se fait autant en Grèce, qu'au Liban ou en Turquie avec bien... Lire la suite

    Publié le 21 décembre 2008 CUISINE, HUMEUR