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Track / Jupiter - Vox populi

Publié le 13 juin 2010 par Djaroy
English Jupiter is a French duo evolving on the electronic scene. Evolving under the nickname "Q. & A." and consisting of a girl and a boy, this group has just released his new track "Vox Populi " some weeks ago. There is too a remix by Lifelike. The duo became known thanks to its first EP "Starlighter" released on the compilation of Valerie and Friends. Resident in Paris, they updated the disco samples with electro beats, pleasant to listen. "Vox populi" follows their reputation and that's good for our ears!  Jupiter - Vox populi (Original Mix)  Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Mix) Our two friends were first successful with their excellent remixes of Chew Lips (with the track "Salt Air") and those for Anoraak and Metronomy. To give a bit more breadth to their style they decided to compose their own productions, which cleverly mixes electronic music and disco beats. It is the case with the tracks "I Love America" inspired by Patrick Juvet, "Submarine 75" and especially "Starlighter" released on compilation of Valerie and Friends with remixes by Cyndi Krash and Bottin. This compilation created by the music blog is too the work of a group of Nantes guys that tries to find emerging artists of the electronic music scene. We found for instance on this compilation tracks of Minitel Rose and Moulinex. The track is a reflection of the group: vintage. There are synthesizers and a pure voice, all in an atmosphere of sweetness and innocence. From the beginning, the synthesizer’s samples are present with a simple and effective beat. Then, psychedelic melodies enter the dance with the presence of a rhythmic and colorful bass. The voice of the singer gives an echo to this cheerful and festive musical harmony. Moreover, there was remix of Lifelike that was released on the hype compilation Kitsuné Maison Volume 9. It is one of the best tracks on this album. Despite low awareness among the general public, the duo performed several times a week in Paris. They will played live on June 24 at the Social Club in Paris and then on July 2 at the Calvi on the Rocks Festival in Corsica. Jupiter become more and more famous and "Vox Populi" will help them to do so... BONUS  Jupiter - Starlighter (Original Mix)  Jupiter - Starlighter (Bottin Remix)  Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Jupiter Mix) MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEM Francais Jupiter est un duo peu connu de la scène électronique française. Evoluant sous le pseudo “Q. & A.” et composé d’une fille et d’un garçon, ce groupe vient tout juste de sortir son nouveau track  « Vox Populi », notamment remixé par Lifelike. Ce duo s’est fait connaître dès son premier EP « Starlighter » sorti sur la compilation de Valérie and Friends. Résident à Paris, ils remettent au goût du jour la disco en mélangeant allégrement ce style rétro avec une électro efficace, très agréable à écouter. « Vox populi » ne fait pas défaut à leur réputation et c’est tant mieux pour nos oreilles.  Jupiter - Vox populi (Original Mix)  Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Mix) Nos deux compères se sont tout d’abord fait remarquer pour leurs excellents remixes de Chew Lips (avec « Salt Air ») et ceux pour Metronomy ou encore Anoraak. Afin de donner encore un peu plus d’ampleur à leur style ils se sont alors mis à composer leurs propres productions qui mélangent savamment musique électronique et disco. On leur doit notamment les titres « I love America » inspiré du titre de Patrick Juvet, « Submarine 75 »

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