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Patchs : Dungeons 1.2, Bulge 44 1.09, Gratuitous Space Battles 1.55, SunAge 1.09.9, Empires of Steel 1.01.16146

Publié le 21 février 2011 par Cyberstratege

Dungeons 1.2

New major features:

* Upgraded DUNGEONS to use Microsoft .NET 4.0 (lower memory footprint, faster startup)
* Modified graphic assets for Radeon R520 core compatibility (Radeon X1000 series)
* Switched to hlsl shaders for lower memory footprint
* Added ribbonbands for all weapons
* Improved shader effect quality for many game object surfaces (crystal, lava, water, invisibility, …)
* ReturnToDungeonHeart spell now opens a portal that can be used to travel back. This will not work in old saved games however
* Allow switching the game language in the in-game options

New minor features and improvements:

* Goblins fetch their gold from a gold pile in throne room, not from the room-center
* Shift-Click in attribute panel now increases an attribute by 10 points
* Increased default autosave interval to 30 minutes
* Dungeon displacement can now be deactivated in options
* Rotating camera with right or middle mouse depends now on setting in options
* Added low shader quality option for improved performance on less capable hardware
* Allow selecting 720p resolution in options
* Added configuration option to deactive build-after-teardown
* Added buff loop animation for heroes
* Tweaked several game textures to reduce memory footprint
* Custom game: buy spawn credits with soul energy – only available on sandboxmap « Astropos »
* Custom game: Hero entrances can have a « spawn now » button -only available on sandboxmap « Astropos »
* Custom game: Increase or decrease hero level with soul energy – only available on sandboxmap « Astropos »
* Heroes don’t cast townportal if they didn’t learn the spell yet
* Enhanced GUI modding hooks
* Improved memory monitoring, which can be disabled in config
* Improved performance of displacement texture
* Included more sound effects
* Optimised some models, for improved rendering performance
* Clip mouse cursor to game window in fullscreen mode, for multimonitor setups
* Custom game list now shows the map type
* Minor improvement of positions for all wall gimmicks in the sunken temple setting
* Tweaked tooltips of campaign map challenges
* Minor balancing improvements.


* Fixed several reported crashes.
* Various minor map fixes
* Fixed tortured heroes not running away after being freed by the champion
* Fixed Minos special attack spells
* Fixed displacement bugs on GeForce 7XXX series cards in maps with multiple dungeon levels
* Fixed: Sentries didn’t stop moving when they died during patrol (sliding bodies)
* Fixed problem with Alt+Tab during startup and in campaign map
* Fixed rare audio crash if audio device was lost during the game (e.g. unplugging audio cable)
* Repaired some challenges.

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Empires of Steel 1.01.16146

Version 1.01.16146

- Fixed bug: there was a problem in the AI trade when the AI wants to sell resources that can be exploited by human players
- Added a button to the preferences window that allows old game data to be deleted (important when the game save file is too large).
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes hide the borders for human players
- Multiplayer online games will automatically save a backup copy so players can recover from crashes
- Added some debug information to the Debug.txt file to troubleshoot problems a player was having
- Changed some things with the PBEM system to hopefully fix some download problems

Version 1.01.16025

- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: under certain conditions, buildings wouldn’t show up in the rules editor building list
- Changed the way that border lines are handled
- Added some debug information to the Debug.txt file to troubleshoot problems a player was having

Version 1.01.15934

- The technology window’s items-in-production list won’t snap back to the top
- Added a hotkey to cycle through the idle cities
- Fixed a bug with ships leaving the city to attack ground units and blocking ground units from entering the city
- Fixed crash that can happen when trading resource-sources
- Fixed bug: when ‘all players are at war’, the initial team settings were ignored. This is fixed now.

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SunAge 1.09.9


- squads in different modes can now be grouped by a single click grouped.
(so, also commanders can be grouped to snipers, now)
- units exiting the transporter are now auto-grouped
- added scroll bar in the instructions window
- the building process is now also autoresumed by building units.
- commanderbuff – is now only applied, when the commander is near enough.
- improved ai-reaction time (in direct combat situations)


- double alt-tabbing causes the game to unpause again…
- level-startup bug: Both in singleplayer and multiplayer sometimes the game-script would just not start – keeping the screen flickering or black
- weapon loading bars not reset for some unit shooting only one shot at a time
- music glitches at startup
- harvesters sometimes simply reject a extract or deliver command. They simply dont budge…
- drone troopers dying sequence glitch – moving troopers fly around like wild …
- commanders cannot be added to a group of snipers through right-click addition.
- units exiting a transport are not grouped.
- when the defense matrix upgrade is researched existing repair plates change their graphic. Repair plates built after the upgrade is researched do not have this new graphic. This is also unintuitive since repair plates are not upgraded, upgrade matrices are.
- repair plates display activated animation and audio whenever a unit is in its healing field. This can become annoying. Making repair plates display animation and audio only when a unit is being healed could fix this problem.
- units damaged by flames sometimes look charred/on fire permanently.
- a scroll bar is needed in the « instructions » part of the menu where old tips and objectives are stored.
- minimizing the program does not pause the gameplay.
- keystrokes are still considered orders when the program is minimized.
- an awful f***king lot of issues with slaves / slavemasters grouping / releasing units in combination with building / repairing other units
- Autoresume building done before autorepairing…
- mirages cannot heal BMRs.
- two squads of the same unit type both containing commanders cannot be combined/trade units through RMB addition.
- bandselection: doesnt reset building buildbots (like eg. the scuttlers & the moles) – also reset
- when you are not the host and you want to build something the picture of the building does not go away when you have placed the building. As if you shift clicked but now you need to right click to get rid of it.
- Tutorial: bandselecting some troops including the commander from the main-troops: uncommanded troops still have commanderbuff ???
- CLIENT: sending harvesting units to resources or resource stations doesnt split them up visually (all units still remain selected)
- CLIENT: bandselection of harvesting units doesnt reposition units – prolly also doesnt do a stop and stuff
- resources can be dropped off at an only partly built MOLE Station.
- shift-selecting multiple squads can be used to select otherwise unselectable units in single player.
- MOLEs sometimes return resources without retuning to a MOLE Station.
- drone Fighters, Scuttlers, and flying Cyborgs all have graphical elements that can be seen in the fog of war.
- test skirmish under Windows 7 – with and without winxp sp3 compat mode
- in observer mode you can’t hear any sounds besides the music.
- raak zun mines will detonate even when its partly built
- if its a 1v1 Situation In Skirmish if you surrender your buildings stay there and the enemy AI will still continue to construct buildings and attack mean while BMR’s will still repair nearby structures like the mole station. (not sure of this is intended or not)
- cultists’ Brainwave Amplifier is very clumsy and hard to use. Saving the game interrupts the Brainwave Amplifier.
- brainwave Amplifier: targetted units should STOP when they are finally chanted…
- mutants attack does not damage units held by Cultists Brainwave Amplifier attack.
- many units and buildings are not given a preferred targeting icon when designated as a preferred target.
- quicksaving does not pause the game.
- droneships in secondary mode cannot be given preferred targets.
- several ai-bugs and improvments

- aaaaaand … a billion further small bugs & glitches – BRILLIANT !

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris Patch 1.04g (hotfix)

The comprehensive 1.04g update fixes a recent bug found in the Operation Sealion scenario.

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Gratuitous Space Battles 1.55

[campaign] Bug Fix: Fixed rare crash bug when retreating from battle.
Performance: Reduced memory usage.
[campaign] Bug Fix: Fixed bug where campaign background would be blank.
The game now prevents you deleting any ship design currently used by a campaign. This should fix at least 3 seemingly unrelated bugs and crashes.
[campaign] Bug Fix: Deleting a campaign now works on all system configurations.
[campaign] Fixed bug where viewing the post-battle statistics after you retreated would result in a missing fleet.
[campaign] Fixed glitch where the attack arrows had sections missing briefly as you zoomed in to them.
[campaign] Fixed occasional crash under certain circumstances when retreating.
[campaign] Some more tweaks to difficulty.
[campaign] Fixed bug where the ‘build’ button was enabled for a fleet that was attacking an enemy-held system, before battle.
[campaign] Fixed exploit where you get 1 crew when you scrap a fighter.
Added new order ‘Last Stand’ which overrides the auto-behavior of ships retreating if all of their weapons are destroyed.
[campaign] Some difficulty balance changes.
Added post-battle stats summary popup dialog.

Panzer Campaigns: Bulge ’44 1.09

Changes for Bulge ’44 1.09
- Change so that Disrupted units do not receive replacements and
Detached units receive replacements at one-fourth (not one-half) the
normal rate.
- Change so that for an HQ unit, both the actual and nominal command range
are displayed in the alternate hex info area (actual/nominal), the
Command Range view option uses the actual Command Range, while the
Maximum Range view option shows the Nominal Command Range (see the
Command section of the Users Manual).
- Change so that F quality units can recover from Disruption and Broken.
- Added ability for engineers to abandon an engineering bridge (see
Engineer Menu).
- Added current date and time to Scheduled Dialog.
- Change so that Saving Movement Points will save enough points for a
towed artillery unit to unlimber at the end of its movement.
- Added the ability for commandos to blow bridges and damage AT trenches.
- Change so that Partisans and Commandos can move from one enemy ZOC to
- Change so that Commandos are always in command and never isolated.
- Change to allow Battleships to fire AA at high flying aircraft.
- Added new Forced Bridge Crossing Rule which allows units to force a
bridge crossing against enemy ZOC (see Users Manual under Movement).
- Increased Engineer digging in bonus from 2x to 3x.
- Added toolbar button for highlighting units in Travel Mode.
- Added new Bunker and Mine Prob Parameter Data Values and allowing
non-bridge engineer units to construct Bunkers.
- Added new Night Move Disruption parameter data value which determines
probability of night movement by non-rail and non-travel or
non-road movement units causing Disruption.
- Change so that Interdiction attacks have twice the chance of Disruption
and can cause the loss of up to half the movement allowance in movement
- Added a range 1 hard target artillery fire modifier (see Users Manual
under Firing).
- Added Optional Rule for delayed reporting of enemy Disruption.
- Change so that towed AT gun unit which changes to Travel Mode without
expending any movement points prior to that change will not trigger
enemy Opportunity Fire.
- Added Quality Fire Modifier Parameter Data Value which applies to
quality A and B units.
- (Editor) Added ability to determine units which have no on-map HQ under
File Menu.
- (Editor) Added Reinforcemnts to Scenario Summary file under File Menu.
- Added new Submap Editor (pcsub.exe).

Changes for Bulge ’44 1.08
- Fixes for Vista compatiblity.
- Change to Rail Movement so that units in Rail Mode do not count against
the total stacking in a hex, only against other units in Rail Mode.
- Added new Partisan unit type (see Users Manual in section on Movement).
- Added Partisan reinforcement type which moves to adjacent hex when
arrival hex is occupied.
- Change to allow hexside ferries to convey Supply.
- Change so that indirect fire is twice as disruptive to HQ units as
- Added new Quality Fatigue Modifier optional rule.
- Change to allow Engineers to ferry supply one hex across a river so that
units on the other side are not Isolated.
- Detached units are displayed with their unit name in yellow.
- Change so that indirect fire and airstrikes spotted by only Detached
units are half value.
- Split Air Strike Hex Limits into two values, one for each side.
- Added new Patrolling feature to use against Partisans and for spotting.
- Added the ability for an organization to receive Replacements in
addition to the standard unit strength recovery feature (see Order of
Battle editor and Users Manual under Combat Results).
- Change so that the command range displayed in the alternate hex info
area for an HQ unit and the command range view option use the Nominal
Command Range instead of the Modified Command Range value (see the
Command section of the Users Manual).
- (Editor) Added the ability to define a Direct AI Order.
- (Editor) Added « A » hotkey for toggling Stockpile status.
- (Editor) Added the ability to highlight a single unit which allows AI
orders to be given to individual units.
- (Editor) Added the ability to assign AI Orders to specific Operations
in Strategies (See AI Order Dialog).
- (Editor) Added the ability to write a scenario summary to a text file
(see File Menu).
- Added new Parameter Data Editor (pcparam.exe).
- Change so that bridge engineer companies have a lower probability of
creating bridges than bridge engineer battalions.

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