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Consultez la carte des vin de Fifty Shades of Grey

Publié le 06 novembre 2012 par Halleyjc

Près de cinquante occasions de... boire et de manger pour Ana et Christian ! La cuisine française est bien présente ! Pour le vin voyez vous même !

  • Ana’s first night at Escala with Christian Pouilly Fumé Served with: Cheeses, Red & Green Grapes and French Baguette
  • At Cuisine Sauvage, near Olympia, traveling back to Portland from Seattle in the R8 Pinot Grigio Served with: Nettle Soup and Venison
  • “It’s been nice knowing you.” Ana tied to the bed, blinded by her rolled-up shirt, and given wine via Christian’s mouth White Wine
  • Ana and Christian meet at the Heathman to discuss the contract Sancerre Served with: Oysters, Black Cod, Asparagus, and Crushed Potatoes with a Hollandaise Sauce
  • Ana and Christian celebrate graduation, drinking champagne out of teacups Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999
  • Christian sends champagne to Ana and Kate attached to a Charlie Tango balloon to congratulate them on their move to Seattle Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999
  • Christian and Ana, Sunday at Escala, after Dr Greene leaves and before the first visit to the RROP Chablis Served with: Chicken Caesar salad
  • Offered by Carrick Grey to Ana and Christian as they join the rest of the Grey family and Kate and the Greys’ house on Sunday evening Prosecco (pale pink)
  • Sunday evening dinner with the Greys. (Served by Miss European Pigtails) Red Wine Served with: Chorizo and Scallops with Roasted Red Peppers and Shallots, sprinkled with Flat Leafed Parsely; Beef Wellington, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, and Green Beans; Lemon Syllabub for dessert
  • Christian meets up with Ana and her mom in a Georgia Hotel Cosmpolitans for Ana and Carla, Gin and Tonic for Christian (Hendricks with cucumber)
  • Ana meets Christian at Escala upon returning from Georgia Sancerre Served with: Pasta Alle Vongole
  • Ana and Christian at Le Picotin after José’s photo show. Barossa Valley Shiraz Served with: Sirloin Steak, Béarnaise Sauce, Fries, and Green Vegetables
  • Christian and Ana eating at Ana and Kate’s new apartment after meeting up at ‘Fifty’s’ and buying groceries Pinot Grigio Served with: Stir-fried Chicken with Noodles
  • Ana and Christian have champagne before they leave Escala for the charity event Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999
  • Ana and Christian upon arrival at the charity event Champagne
  • Charity Event: First Course Alban Estate Roussanne 2006 Served with: Salmon Tartare with Crème Fraiche and Cucumber on Toasted Brioche
  • Charity Event: Second Course Châteauneuf-du-Pape Vielles Vignes 2006 Domaine de la Janasse Served with: Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast Creamy Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Thyme-roasted Bing Cherries, Foie Gras
  • Charity Event: Third Course Vin de Constance 2004 Klein Constantia Served with: Sugar-crusted Walnut Chiffon Candied Figs, Sabayon, Maple Ice Cream
  • Charity Event: Fourth Course Alban Estate Grenache 2006 Served with: Selection of Local Cheeses and Breads
  • Ana and Christian at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel as the Taylors Armagnac
  • Ana and Christian at SP’s place before sailing Adnams Explorer Beer Served with: Seafood Chowder
  • Christian and Ana at the small Italian bistro, “Bee’s”, after sailing Frascati Served with: Starters and Bruschetta, Risotto
  • Ana and Christian, Monday dinner home at Escala after elevator sex White Wine Served with: Coq au Vin
  • Ana and Christian, Escala dinner after Jack Hyde incident White Wine Served with: Chicken Pot Pie
  • Ana and Christian and the Mile High Club Cristal Champagne Served with: Sea Bass, Asparagus, Sautéed Potatoes, and a Hollandaise Sauce
  • After Christian arrives home at Escala after helicopter went missing Budvar Beer (for Christian) Served with: Whatever Mrs Jones put out for Christian
  • Ana cooks a birthday lunch for Christian at Escala White Wine Served with: Salmon Steaks poached in lemon accompanied by a Sour Cream, Watercress, and Cilantro Dressing, Boiled Baby potatoes, Salad.
  • Christian’s Birthday Party at the Greys’ House Champagne and Lemon Martinis
  • Christian and Ana aboard the private jet having their wedding feast as they start their honeymoon Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999 Served with: Smoked Salmon, Roast Partridge with a Green Bean Salad and Dauphinoise Potatoes
  • Christian and Ana on board the Fair Lady after the bikini top incident Gin and Tonic Served with: Nuts and olives
  • Christian and Ana on board the Fair Lady after the hickeys and handcuffs Rosé Served with: Gaspacho and Crème Brulée
  • Ana and Christian at Escala, just home from the honeymoon Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999
  • Ana makes supper for Christian at Escala after seeing Jack Hyde on the surveillance tapes Wine Served with: Ham and Mashed Avocodo Sub Sandwiches
  • Christian and Ana at Escala after arguing about Ana not using Christian’s last name at work Sauvignon Blanc Served with: Fettuccini
  • Gia Matteo – visiting Ana and Christian to review the house renovation plans Sauvignon Blanc
  • Ana and Kate at the Zig Zag Bar Strawberry Mojitos
  • Christian feeds Ana in the Escala kitchen while she is blindfolded Sancerre Served with: Spicy Hot Lamb Covered in a Cool, Minty, Yogurt Sauce, Pita Bread and Hummus, Stuffed Vine Leaves
  • Lunch at Christian’s Aspen home upon arrival Frascati Served with: Mixed Antipasto
  • Aspen: Kate, Mia, and Ana after shopping Strawberry Daiquiris
  • Aspen: everyone out to dinner Pouilly-Fumé
  • Aspen: After Kate says yes to Elliot’s marriage proposal Cristal Champagne
  • Aspen: at the nightclub, Zax 1 Bottle of Cristal, 3 Peronis, and a bottle of Iced Mineral Water
  • Ana’s birthday party at the Heathman Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999
  • Christian and Ana at the Heathman in Portland after Ray wakes up White Wine Served with: Dessert: Tarte Tatin
  • Christian drinks with Elena Wine
  • Christian get drunk after Elena leaves Bourbon
  • Everyone at Escala for welcome home from hospital party for Ana Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999

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